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China Dairy Company
Chinese Govt Saves Huishan Dairy to Avert Credit Fallout on Banks

The Chinese government came to the rescue of China Huishan Dairy after shares of the Liaoning-based dairy company dipped 85 percent in just an hour on March 24, which wiped out more than $4 billion from its market value.

This photo shows fresh fish on sale in traditional old Chinese Soho food market on Graham Street, Central Hong Kong, China.
Ningbo Tech-Bank Buys Great Seven to Expand in China’s Coldwater Fish Feed Market

Ningbo Tech-Bank buys Great Seven for about $11 million to expand its business in China’s cold fish feed market.

Tata's Tetley Tea
Tata-Alibaba Tie-Up: Can the Partnership Help Sell Tea in the Country Where Tea Originated?

Tata Global Beverages has admitted that it would be a big challenge to sell tea to China, the country where drinking tea originated.

Chinese Consumers Buying Imported Goods
US Firms in China Using Influencers to Boost Their E-Commerce Retail Sales

A growing number of U.S. and foreign retailers in China are getting the services of key opinion leaders (KOLs) to attract Chinese consumers to buy their products as well as to promote their brands, according to an article in

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More Jobs in China's Digital Economy
Alibaba to Create 122 Million Jobs in China’s Digital Economy in 2035: Report

At least 122 million out of the total 415 million jobs, or nearly 30 percent of jobs available in China’s digital economy in 2035, will be produced by Alibaba, according to a new report from management advisory firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG).

Chinese Business in Singapore
Singapore Offers to Serve as Launch Pad for Chinese Businesses Planning to Expand Abroad

Singapore is interested to become the launch pad for Chinese businesses that want to expand overseas by leveraging on the city-state’s reputation in Southeast Asia and its familiarity with business in the region.

Beijing Apartment Building Under Construction
China’s Top Property Developers Among Those Penalized for Violating Property Sale Ban

Some business apartment projects belonging to China’s top property developers Vanke and Evergrande and offices 15 real estate agents were ordered closed by Beijing authorities on Monday, March 27, after they were found violating the government ban on property sale, which was aimed at cooling China's red-hot housing market.

Alibaba's APASS Club serves as the e-commerce firm's
Alibaba Holds Australian Luxury Tour for Alibaba Passport Club Members

Seven Alibaba Passport club members are partaking in an ongoing luxury tour to Australia. The trip aims to connect Australian luxury brands with affluent Chinese consumers.

Opening of China's Financial Sector
China Industrial Profits Surge, Boosted by Rising Prices of Commodities

A 31.5 percent increase in earnings were recorded by Chinese industrial firms in the first two months of 2017, compared to the same period last year, as prices of commodities, from coal to iron ore, soared while imports have started to pick up.

A young Chinese man in front of a computer
Young Chinese Investors Set Sight on Online Products

China's younger retail investors are increasingly patronizing online wealth management products.

Del Monte Products
Del Monte to Increase China Sales

Del Monte Pacific Ltd. (DMPL) is increasing its China sales with the goal of business expansion.

Pashmina Shawl
Pashmina Products to Boost China-Nepal Trade

The Nepali government will promote its pashmina products through the OBOR to boost China-Nepal trade.

People's Bank of China Governor Zhou Xiaochuan said central banks should no longer seek
No More Easy Money for China’s Economy: Experts

China’s monetary policies are expected to become tougher this year, but experts say a liquidity crunch is unlikely for the world’s second-largest economy.

China-Canada Trade Relations
China to Bring Workers to Work in AIIB-Funded Projects in Canada as Part of China-Canada Free Trade Deal

As part of the negotiated trade deal between China and Canada, China is planning to buy Canadian companies and bring Chinese workers to Canada to work on projects, which will be mostly funded by the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Chinese yuan
Reassessing Chinese Outbound Investment Amid Capital Flight

For years, incoming foreign direct investment (FDI) was essential for China’s exports and the development of its economy during its labor-rich era. However, FDI has since decreased with more outbound direct investment (ODI), according to a report by CCTV news.

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