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 Google is yet to release one of its most futuristic products to the masses - self driving cars.
Google still perfecting driverless car before mass production; Promises to make sure it would be safer than humans

After around 8 years of research and development on self-driving cars, Google is yet to release one of its most futuristic products to the masses. Undoubtedly, there has already been significant demand for these in various markets, but the everyday joes shouldn't get their hopes up just yet.

With technology evolving so fast, will human beings survive the ultimate age of advanced technolgy?
Is technology going to be the end of human beings?

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and since the advent of computers, man has only accelerated the progress. But how this progress is going to affect us? How the tech innovations have changed our lives? Will the advancement in technology bring the end to the human race?

Protesters hang a banner against racism in a police precinct in Ferguson, Missouri.
Peter Liang Case Gives Focus on Asian-American Identity Crisis

The conviction of former police officer Peter Liang may be considered the best thing that happened to Asian-Americans since the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1960, but also showed how confused some Asian-Americans are when it comes to race, according to an article written by Jess Guh on

Demonstrators protest against police-inflicted violence in New York in April 2015.
Peter Liang Protests Failed to Consider Racist History in US

Tens of thousands of Asian-Americans who joined the Feb. 20 protest for Peter Liang in New York City failed to consider history before taking action, Andy Gu said in his opinion article published in the Daily Trojan.

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China's Boya Biotech announced that it will join hands with Sooam Biotech of the Republic of Korea to build the largest cloning facility in Tianjin.
How Ethical Is the Business of Cloning Animals?

The question on whether cloning animals is moral or not is again revived as news spread that China's Boya Biotech will join hands with Sooam Biotech of the Republic of Korea to build the largest cloning facility in Tianjin.

Floating people are those who left their native city to find a job or to study elsewhere.
Why Are Chinese Men Becoming More Invested in Their Own Looks?

Men's cosmetics are steadily gaining traction in China. According to a report by China Daily, this new trend is highly indicative of the Chinese men's perception about physical looks.

Angus Deaton, a British economist from Princeton University, is a pioneering poverty expert whose deep understanding of poverty garnered him this year’s Nobel Prize for Economics.
Nobel Prize Winner's Study on Poverty Crucial for China

Representatives attending the Global Poverty Reduction and Development Forum in Beijing would gain significant insight in studying Angus Deaton’s take on poverty, according to a report by China Daily.

President Xi Jinping earns recognition after his successful visit to the U.S.
Did Xi-Obama Meeting Resolve Key Issues Between the Two Countries?

President Xi Jinping was greeted with success as he returned to China after his five-day U.S. visit. But the question is: Did the Xi-Obama meeting resolve the key issues between China and the U.S.?

A CCTV recording shows Zhu, a young waiter at Mr. Hot Pot in Wenzhou, pouring hot water on the female diner, Lin.
Hot Heads, Hot Water: One Irate Diner vs. One Insulted Waiter

A 17-year-old waiter poured hot water on a 29-year-old diner after the latter said a vulgar word that indirectly insults any existing mother. The waiter happened to come from a broken family and only has his father taking care of him.

Volkswagen's US operations chief Michael Horn admitted they knew about the emission problems.
New Production Plants to Worsen Problems of Auto Industry

As the Chinese economy faces tough times, automakers are finding it hard to make consumers buy cars. To make things worse, many automakers are putting up additional production plants to make more cars that they cannot sell.

China will showcase new military armaments in the upcoming V-J Day parade on Sept. 3.
Can Beijing Pull Off Balancing Act on Diplomacy at V-J Day Parade?

On Sept. 3, as the government is set to hold a military parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of victory over Japan in Tiananmen Square, China is expected to find ways to balance three delicate sets of diplomatic relations, according to political commentator and Beijing-based journalist Mu Chunshan.

The Chinese military displayed their armaments during the National Day parade in Beijing.
Can China Help Make the World a Safer Place?

On Sept. 3, China will mark the 70th anniversary of the victories in the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression (1937-45) and the world anti-fascist war. A military parade in Beijing's Tian'anmen Square will be held, to be attended by President Xi Jinping and other leaders.

China is at the height of preparing for the upcoming V-Day military parade on Sept. 3.
V-Day Parade: China’s Chance to Advance Societal Solidarity

The upcoming Victory Day parade on Sept. 3 is now stirring anticipation as photos from a recent rehearsal surfaced. Apart from showing China's military prowess, it will also serve as a presentation of the Chinese society's current status.

In Yu Zhengsheng's visit to Kashgar, the top political advisor called for ethnic unity.
Xinjiang Seen as Potential Trade Hub in Eurasia, Central, South Asia

Zhang Chunxian, Party chief of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, said on Tuesday, Aug. 18, that Xinjiang has the potential to become a vital trade hub in Eurasia, Central and South Asia.

Considered an expert in sociology and sexology, Li has authored a number of publications.
Renowned Chinese Sexologist Li Yinhe Talks About Homosexuality and Same-sex Marriage in China

A readers’ meeting organized by leading Chinese sociologist and sexologist Li Yinhe was held at BELENCRE’s parlor in Beijing’s China Central Place on Aug. 16. Known as the first female sexologist in the country, Li discussed gender and sexuality-related topics, including homosexuality and same-sex marriage in contemporary China.

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