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Women protesting for equal rights in Istanbul.
Protests in Xicheng District Sparked by Gender-Biased Poster

A poster in a government office in Xicheng Disctrict in Beijing sparked protests over its sexist and gender-biased contents.

Xiaomi executives Lei Jun and Hugo Barra display Mi 4i phones during its launch in New Delhi.
Why Your English Fluency, or Lack of It, May Not Be So Important for Global Business

Like it or not, the global language for business is English. Although this could change in the near future, and there are those who say that Mandarin may soon overtake English as the global business language due to China's growing economic pull, right now global business is still speaking English.

A man works at a Geely assembly facility in Shanghai. Geely’s recent acquisition of Volvo has made it the most viable car manufacturer from China to enter the U.S. market.
Are China’s Automakers Ready for the U.S.?

Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) just added itself to a growing list of Chinese automakers with plans to sell cars in the U.S.

After Premier Li Keqiang's call for Chinese firms' privatization and quitting in their U.S. listings, more firms are now getting buyout offers from CEOs.
Li Keqiang's 'Internet Plus' Plan Not Foolproof

Premier Li Keqiang's "Internet Plus" plan is not as positively received or as foolproof as he hoped for. Unveiled on March 5 in his Government Work Report, critics claimed that his solution for helping China's startup businesses thrive in their respective industries is misguided.

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China declares Sept. 3, 2015 as a national holiday to give way for the 70th-year anniversary of World War II's conclusion.
Commemoration of War: A Time for Reflection of History

Commemoration of wars is not only a part of history. It is also a time to look back on the lessons of the past, on the events and the people that helped shape the future.

Change in Attitude Required to End Child Abuse in China

Violence against children takes place around the world, China not excluded. To combat such gruesome cases, attitudes toward disciplining of children should be changed.

China's lack of clean toilets has long been a nightmare for tourists.
Tourism’s Toilet Salvation

"Toilet revolution for tourism evolution," screams the fresh slogan coming from Li Jinzao, director of China's National Tourism Administration. Li also pointed out in a statement released earlier today that the one thing that China's tourists complain about is the lack of clean toilets in tourist destinations.

Workers can take three steps to avoid making their email inbox their first priority at work.
China Mulls Over Four-Day Workweek

Chinese laborers are calling for a four-day workweek to stave off work stress. Many believe that life should not be all about work and that leisure, more than ever, is necessary to live the happy life.

Joseph Nye is the author of the book
Can China Dominate the 21st Century?

Harvard professor Joseph Nye's book entitled "Is the American Century Over" caught the attention of international strategy scholars as he indicates that the U.S. economy will be surpassed by China's.

A worker at a factory making protective clothing in Weifang in Shandong Province.
Manufacturing Still China's Leading Reliable Industry

Manufacturing still remains as China's leading industry as the country's manufacturers continue to respond to international market using the simple principle that "we produce whatever sells well."

A customer looks at fake foreign brand shoes inside a store at Baiyun World Leather Market in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou.
'Made in China' Dominates European Union's List of Unsafe Products

The European Union's list of unsafe non-food products had the percentage of Chinese-manufactured goods far exceeding those from other nations. Based on figures by Rapid Alert System, published annually by the European Commission, out of 2,435 dangerous products identified in 2014, 64 percent were manufactured in the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong.

UNICEF urges China to invest more in early childhood education in the country's rural areas.
Chinese Government Should Do More for Rural Schoolchildren

Rural schoolchildren should not only be relying on the help of golden-hearted teachers and agencies to achieve their dreams of being educated. Even though these are heroes that need to be lauded, the government still has to step up its efforts in paying attention to the educational needs of these rural students.

A combination photograph shows (L) a public toilet in a half-demolished old town and (R) a boy using a toilet inside a department store at a shopping district in Beijing.
Drastic Measures to Improve China's Public Toilets to Be Implemented

Drastic measures will be implemented to sanitize China's public toilets, according to Li Jinzao, head of the National Tourism Administration. Li aknowledged that dirty toilets have been holding back China's reputation as a well-regarded tourist destination.

Finance Minister Lou Jiwei together with guests at the signing ceremony of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing in October last year.
AIIB Can Cement China as a World Power

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is set to boost China's openness to the rest of the world. Ever since it was established, the China-led financial institution has gained widespread acceptance from other countries.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang speaks during a session of the National People's Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on March 5.
China Can Innovate Through Knowledge Spillovers

China believes that it could achieve an innovation-driven development though knowledge spillover. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang claimed that the goal of the country is to innovate, in all facets.

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