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A pot of ancient eggs is on display at the Nanjing Museum, Jan 7, 2017.
Chicken Theme for 2017: 2,800-Year-Old Fossilized Eggs a Drawcard in Nanjing Museum

A chicken-themed exhibition has opened in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province, to usher in the upcoming Chinese zodiac Year of the Rooster. Over 200 cultural treasures are on display at the Nanjing Museum, including jade, porcelain, bronze, stone carvings, embroidery, paintings, paper-cut, stamps, enamelware, and many others, showcasing the cultural connotations of the zodiac rooster in Chinese culture.

Melania Trump attends 2016 Time 100 Gala, Time's Most Influential People In The World red carpet at Jazz At Lincoln Center at the Times Warner Center on April 26, 2016 in New York City.
Melania Trump's makeup artist gives hint of how she would look like upon entering the White House

Just days to go until Donald Trump's inauguration, many wonder what Melanie Trump will wear and how her make-up will look like as she witnesses her husband be sworn in as president.

Spring Festival train tickets sales start in China
Chinese New Year Marks the Start of the Biggest Migration of Humans in the World

The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most important holiday in China. The New Year will be on Jan. 28 and droves of Chinese across the country will be reuniting with their families.

U.S. Raises Air Security Alert To Red For The First Time
Tencent in Trouble for Naughty Chinese Lunar New Year Party Game

Even if a game show in South Korea only simulated sex between the contest participants, the pumping scene done to burst a balloon placed on the groin area of a woman was enough to shock TV and YouTube viewers.

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A man eats a burger in a hurry.
Weight loss alternative: Eat between 8AM-2PM

Weight loss programs have been quite difficult for some individuals to follow. That is why easy alternatives are being introduced now and then, including meal schedule change.

Many working men and women in China prefer to stay single.
Chinese Singletons Get Grilled During Spring Festival, Says Survey

There are 130,000 single men and women nationwide who anticipate that there will be parental pressure over their marital status during the Spring Festival holiday, or the Chinese New Year.

 A man places ecstasy on his tongue, as he prepare to party.
Magic mushrooms, ecstasy next frontier for mental health treatment

Magic mushrooms and ecstasy have been classified as dangerous drugs by most government agencies worldwide. However, recent studies revealed that such hallucinogenic drugs may also be an ingredient for a potential treatment of certain mental disorders.

More Chinese are reading more ebooks than paperbacks.
Survey: More Young People Read Using Digital Devices

A report was released by iReader, a leading digital reading company in China, that revealed that more young people are into ebooks and other reading materials in digital form.

The annual Lantern Festival which usually runs a whole month has been featuring Zigong lanterns of different colors, shapes and sizes.
Zigong Lanterns Set to Light More Regions with Initiated Global Campaign

Attended by representatives from the 46 foreign embassies in Beijing and hosted by the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC), the launching ceremony of the Zigong Lantern Festival's Global Campaign happened last Tuesday in Zigong of Southwest China's Sichuan Province.

Two medicine bottles are placed just above an HIV positive vaccine sign.
Significant HIV and AIDS cure from the recent years and beyond

HIV and AIDS cure may seem to be at grasp with the recent development and medical breakthroughs. Although most of the reported potential cures are still being perfected, HIV/ AIDS patients remain hopeful for a definitive cure to be finally realized.

Seniors enjoying their retirement.
Luxurious Elder-Care Home Attracts Wealthy Seniors in Shanghai

When people think about elder care living facilities, what usually comes to mind is a depressing hospital environment with little options for entertainment. But a new facilitated living community in Shanghai is changing all that, as it promises high-end senior care and luxurious amenities for the elderly.

Optimus Prime reimagined as a Chinese military commander by digital artist Zhang Wang.
East Meets West in Chinese Painter Zhang Wang’s New Digital Paintings

Ever wonder what a Gundam mech would look like when it merges with a Chinese Door God? Or what the Joker would look like as a Terracotta Warrior? Then check out Zhang Wang’s new art works, as the Chinese painter has successfully reimagined elements of traditional Eastern culture mixed with Western pop culture figures in his digital paintings.

For single people in China, there's more to marriage than simply finding the man or woman of their dreams.
Single Men, Women in China Reveal the Qualities of Their Ideal Future Spouse

For many singles in China, there’s more to marriage than simply tying the knot at their parents’ behest. Though the number of single men and women who are pressured by their parents to marry have significantly increased, there are a few factors that singles are considering before they say “I do.”

Lassie (L) and animal trainer Chelsea Riggins speak onstage at Man's Best Friend: Dogs in Film panel during day 2 of the TCM Classic Film Festival 2016
Science reveals how you should talk to your dog

Dogs are indeed a man's best friend; everyone who owns one understands the reason why. And most of the time, most dog owners feel like their beloved pets understand their every move and every word. And science says it could be true.

A puppy gets a massage at a doggy spa in China.
Swimming Pools, Hair Styling, ‘Puppiccinos’: How Posh Pets Live the Good Life in China

Swimming pools, lengthy grooming sessions, and even their own special drink called Puppiccinos—these are just some of the perks that pampered pets in China get from their owners. And while some might think it extravagant, for other people, this unique way of caring for their pets is a normal way of life.

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