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Chinese steamed buns are a hit in NYC.
Famous Nan Xiang Xiaolong Shaking Up Something Special After 170 Years

The home of the best dumplings and xiaolong is cooking up something different for their customers after having been in the industry for 170 years.

Friends take a picture to share on WeChat Moments.
How WeChat Moments, Instagram Cause Dissatisfaction in One’s Real Life

One of the most interesting features of WeChat is called Moments, where people can post pictures, video, or a status update. By carefully selecting the things to upload, the user gets the chance to present himself in the best possible light to his family and friends.

Dance drama
Dance Drama ‘Confucius’ Dazzles Audiences in New York City; Production Heading to Washington, D.C.

A new dance drama based on the life and influence of a legendary Chinese philosopher is making waves in New York City.

A real human brain being displayed as part of new exhibition at the @Bristol attraction
Ways to improve your emotional intelligence

If you know people who are excellent when it comes to managing their emotions, those who are not easily angered in stressful situations and have the ability to calmly find a solution to a problem, these are the people who have high levels of emotional intelligence. They are the ones who know themselves very well and are also sensitive to the emotional needs of others.

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A glimpse of the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center's control room during a rocket launch.
Female Technicians Reveal What It Takes to Work in China’s Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is dominated by men. But lately, more women are making valuable contributions to the industry, regardless of the dangers that come with the job.

 Children play video games on smartphones while attending a public event
Playing video games on smart phones can help treat depression, studies suggest

Scientists have discovered that video games on smart phones do not only play a role as a source of entertainment as they have pointed their link to treating people who are suffering from depression.

An orange, which is a good source of vitamin C, is being sliced and prepared for eating.
High dose Vitamin C could be lethal to cancer cells

Vitamin C is considered by many as one of the safest and most effective nutrients for immune system boost and protection. However, recent studies revealed that the C vitamin may also be helpful in directly influencing the body's fight against cancer.

Cough medicines containing dextromethorphan
Antibiotics cannot cure hacking cough lasting weeks, warn doctors

Doctors have warned that hacking cough has affected thousands of patients this winter and it cannot just be cured by taking antibiotics.

IAAF Kids Athletics Program
New School Textbook Hopes to Make Chinese Boys Masculine, Reverse Growing Effeminate Trend

The lack of discipline among Chinese children – blamed partly on the country’s one-child policy – is manifesting itself in another societal issue in China. It involves the crisis of masculinity China faces as experts observe more boys in the Asian giant becoming emotionally and physically weak.

Children Undergo Stringent Educational Program At China's West Point
Video of 10-Year-old Guangzhou Boy Kicking Mother 5 Times for Not Allowing Him to Play with Smartphone goes Viral

Because of China’s one-child policy, a lot of kids are spoiled brats who always want to get their way. One such child is a 10-year-old Guangzhou boy who has been recorded kicking his mother five times because she did not allow him to play with the smartphone.

A bird's-eye view of the floating walkway structure built atop the Hongshui River in the Luodian County of southwest China.
31-mile Floating Walkway Is China’s New Tourist Attraction

Tourists who come to China typically schedule visits to the Great Wall and Forbidden City. But this year, a new tourist attraction is offering a novel way for visitors to entertain themselves as the whole structure sits atop a river.

A hand-rolled marijuana cigarette with design is being smoked by a cannabis user.
Marijuana use and decreased traffic fatalities

Marijuana use and legalization still remain a hot issue in most States in America. However, a latest study concerning cannabis and traffic fatalities may somehow be used as an evidence to push for its legalization.

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