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Lassie (L) and animal trainer Chelsea Riggins speak onstage at Man's Best Friend: Dogs in Film panel during day 2 of the TCM Classic Film Festival 2016
Science reveals how you should talk to your dog

Dogs are indeed a man's best friend; everyone who owns one understands the reason why. And most of the time, most dog owners feel like their beloved pets understand their every move and every word. And science says it could be true.

A puppy gets a massage at a doggy spa in China.
Swimming Pools, Hair Styling, ‘Puppiccinos’: How Posh Pets Live the Good Life in China

Swimming pools, lengthy grooming sessions, and even their own special drink called Puppiccinos—these are just some of the perks that pampered pets in China get from their owners. And while some might think it extravagant, for other people, this unique way of caring for their pets is a normal way of life.

A call for a rating system in China has been reignited to protect children from disturbing or sexual scenes in films, such as this year's
Parents Lobby for Film Rating System in China as Vietnam Implements New Film Classification System

This year, a number of Hollywood movies are expected to make a fortune in box offices all over Asia. As moviegoers are anticipating the release of these films, parents in China are lobbying for a film rating system that would protect children from inappropriate scenes.

Smog shrouds Beijing
Chinese Make Do-It-Yourself Purifiers to Survive During Heavy Smog

The citizens of Beijing are trying other means to survive and breathe tolerable air.

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Citrus fruits displayed at a grocery store
Winter diet foods for weight loss

Winter is a perfect time of the year when all you would want to do is to curl up on the couch and eat your favorite comfort because you think that cold-weather food is all about mac and cheese, but no. Your healthy diet does not have to stop because it is winter.

Dancers perform on the stage during opening ceremony at the Shanghai Disney Resort on June 16, 2016 in Shanghai, China.
How to Create Magic, Bring Happiness? Shanghai Disney Launches Talent Class

A program called Shanghai Disney Resort Talent Class will be offered to select partner schools in the country as the resort’s way of improving the business industry, particularly the tourism sector. It will also aid Shanghai Disney in hiring employees.

Chinese steamed buns are a hit in NYC.
Famous Nan Xiang Xiaolong Shaking Up Something Special After 170 Years

The home of the best dumplings and xiaolong is cooking up something different for their customers after having been in the industry for 170 years.

Friends take a picture to share on WeChat Moments.
How WeChat Moments, Instagram Cause Dissatisfaction in One’s Real Life

One of the most interesting features of WeChat is called Moments, where people can post pictures, video, or a status update. By carefully selecting the things to upload, the user gets the chance to present himself in the best possible light to his family and friends.

Dance drama
Dance Drama ‘Confucius’ Dazzles Audiences in New York City; Production Heading to Washington, D.C.

A new dance drama based on the life and influence of a legendary Chinese philosopher is making waves in New York City.

A real human brain being displayed as part of new exhibition at the @Bristol attraction
Ways to improve your emotional intelligence

If you know people who are excellent when it comes to managing their emotions, those who are not easily angered in stressful situations and have the ability to calmly find a solution to a problem, these are the people who have high levels of emotional intelligence. They are the ones who know themselves very well and are also sensitive to the emotional needs of others.

A glimpse of the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center's control room during a rocket launch.
Female Technicians Reveal What It Takes to Work in China’s Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry is dominated by men. But lately, more women are making valuable contributions to the industry, regardless of the dangers that come with the job.

 Children play video games on smartphones while attending a public event
Playing video games on smart phones can help treat depression, studies suggest

Scientists have discovered that video games on smart phones do not only play a role as a source of entertainment as they have pointed their link to treating people who are suffering from depression.

An orange, which is a good source of vitamin C, is being sliced and prepared for eating.
High dose Vitamin C could be lethal to cancer cells

Vitamin C is considered by many as one of the safest and most effective nutrients for immune system boost and protection. However, recent studies revealed that the C vitamin may also be helpful in directly influencing the body's fight against cancer.

Cough medicines containing dextromethorphan
Antibiotics cannot cure hacking cough lasting weeks, warn doctors

Doctors have warned that hacking cough has affected thousands of patients this winter and it cannot just be cured by taking antibiotics.

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