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Princeton University has suspended its men's swimming and diving teams.
Princeton University varsity teams suspended over "vulgar" comments

The number of suspensions of varsity teams this year increase with the Princeton University men's swimming and diving team being suspended after they were discovered of saying "vulgar" and "misogynistic" comments on an electronic listserv.

An individual is starting to write her New Year's resolution for 2017 on her notebook.
New Year's resolution 2017 & scientific approaches in achieving it

New Year's resolution is one of the most common things to hear every time a year come to its end. In order to be more successful this 2017, it would be best to hear a more scientific advise coming from experts concerning success with resolutions.

Mother who is  32 weeks pregnant saw the dynamic 3D ultrasound image of her quadruplets at Tongji Hospital
Here’s how pregnancy changes human brain structure for at least 2 years

European researchers reported Monday, how pregnancy changes the human brain structure for at least two years.

The 100,000-square-meter indoor garden is completely protected from the outside environment and full of fresh air.
China's Smog Problem So Severe, One Man Spends Hundreds of Millions to Build Smog-proof Wonderland

A coal mine owner in Jinzhong, Shanxi Province, put hundreds of millions of RMB toward a 100,000-square-meter indoor garden, which is completely protected from the outside environment and full of fresh air. This wonderland includes an orchard, a customs and culture area, a restaurant, a courtyard house, hot springs and other attractions.

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Veggies that derail your weight-loss diet

Eating vegetables might work well when you are trying to lose weight, but some may actually help you gain more pounds.

Two medicine bottles are placed just above an HIV positive vaccine sign.
HIV & AIDS Cure Updates: Antiretroviral drugs contributes to neuronal degeneration latest study shows; Alternative medicine highly sought

HIV and AIDS treatment research have been highly funded by different health organizations worldwide in the hopes of finally stopping the proliferation of the disease. However, despite latest medical breakthroughs, certain side-effects are constantly being mitigated including neuronal damage.

An American diplomat and scholar asserted that Tibet is an
New Book Claims Tibet as 'Inseparable Part of China'

A recently published book that details the archives of a U.S. diplomat suggests that Tibet is "an inseparable part of China," China Daily reported.

PrEP and HIV Prevention: A Quick Primer on a Hot Topic
HIV & AIDS Updates: Care continuum boosted by latest prevention model

HIV and AIDS cases have been increasing despite the efforts of the world organization to cure and stop the spreading of the disease. In order to address the concern, updates on prevention model are being made to prevent further HIV/AIDS transmission.

One-Finger Challenge
1 finger selfie challenge is the new way to send nude pics

Move over mannequin challenge, 1 finger selfie challenge is about to dominate your social media accounts.

YouTube Screen icon displaying Donald Trump and Nostradamus behind a chaotic environment.
Nostradamus Predictions, Baba Vanga Prophecy: Donald Trump rigged victory sparking war concerns; Obama the last US president?

Nostradamus predictions and Baba Vanga prophecy for the next year have been highly sought online, especially after concerns regarding Donald Trump's rigged election win and potential war was reported recently.

How Will Nanotechnology Revolutionize Medicine?
HIV & AIDS Cure Updates: Nanotechnology the next frontier, latest solution discovered

HIV and AIDS are among the most dreaded diseases that have long puzzled the medical science for its definite cure. However, with the recent discovery made in Nigeria using nanotechnology, such disease may soon be eradicated.

How to Cook Sweet Potatoes.
Proven power of sweet potato for diet and weight loss success

Weight loss and dieting may be difficult for some people. That is why various methods and tips are being attempted, including the use of sweet potato and its waste water from cooking.

Confesor GO, la aplicación para encontrar confesores en tiempo real
Mobile app makes confession easier; Catholic Church reinventing confession

The Catholic Church has long recognized the importance of having a confession. With its launching of a smartphone app, the said importance has somehow been reaffirmed, especially for the faithful of today's generation.

A fox and a sloth from the cartoon Zootopia have been painted on trees in Shangyou county in Jiangxi Province.
How Far Can Creativity Go? Check Out How One Park in China Uses Paintings to Bring Tree Trunks to Life

Paintings of people and animals have appeared on trees in a park in Shangyou County in Jiangxi Province. The images cover up tree holes eroded by viruses or patches where bark has peeled off. The vivid decoration has added much color to the park.

A tourist tastes the frozen grapes in Ji'an of Tonghua City, northeast China's Jilin Province, Dec. 8, 2016.
Ice Wine Vineyard in Northeastern China

As a dessert wine, the ice wine is produced from frozen grapes. In recent years, the local government of Ji'an encouraged the research and development of ice wine industry. The growing area of the special grapes has exceeded 330 hectares and local yearly production of the ice wine reaches 500 tonnes. The Ji'an ice wine has become an example of the Chinese ice wine in the global market.

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