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Being a chef in China has long been viewed as a mostly male affair, given the physically taxing nature of tending to kitchen action.
International Women’s Day in China: Celebrating the Legacy of Retired Chef Hu Limei

China joins the rest of the world in celebrating International Women’s Day, an event highlighting the brilliance of women as they work to prove their capabilities in an otherwise patriarchic milieu. Retired chef Hu Limei, who belongs to China’s first wave of professional chefs, stands out as a notable example.

People wait in line for a reading pavilion at Knowledge Square in front of Shanghai Library on March 5, 2017.
Reading Pavilion Becomes Popular in Shanghai

CCTV program "Readers" has kindled a new trend among Chinese: reading aloud in booths.

Hello, yellow! A gigantic character with the face of the sun goes on parade at Nice Carnival - “The King of Energy” during its first weekend in Feb. 2017 in Nice, France.
Energizing Xiamen: Sino-French Deal Approves Nice Carnival in China

The massively colorful Nice Carnival will arrive in China in April. Xiamen and Nice officials inked a contract that granted the former exclusive rights to the popular carnival event.

Two women are performing exercise routines in the gym to keep fit.
Proper exercise approaches and diet tips for a more effective weight loss

Scientists and researchers believed that the key to losing weight is a multi-faceted approach, involving the proper exercise and the most appropriate meal plan. By venturing into the said procedures, an individual may be guaranteed of a more efficient and long-term result.

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A transparent pill from the movie 'Limitless' is being held by the hand.
Nootropic effect and the biohackers of Silicon Valley

Being on top of everything requires a tremendous amount of focus and brain energy. In order to suffice such requirements, most individuals resort to the use of nootropic products or otherwise known as smart drugs.

The most expensive art pieces in the world are auctioned at Christie's.
Global Art Market Plummets in 2016 But China Still Biggest Buyer in the World

The market for art has decreased last year, but Chinese buyers are still the ones who made the biggest buys.

Chinese actress Yang Mi plays the role of the heroine in the TV show
Web-Based Fiction Series: Foreign Nationals Dig into Chinese Romance Novels

Chinese romance novels are a hit online after TV show “Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” gained popularity.

Good news for diabetics: Fasting diet can reverse diabetes
Good news for diabetics: Fasting diet can reverse diabetes

If reports are anything to go by, fasting diet can reverse diabetes.

A shadow of man is displayed while he meditates.
Wim Hof Method: The power of the mind and arthritis pain

Arthritis pain aches deep into the joint, and would sometimes feel better when an individual rests. However, the scientist believes that apart from rest and medication, Wim Hof Method could also be applied to relieve the pain.

Award-winning scientists Yang Zhenning and Yao Qixhi plans to come back to China.
Nobel Prize Winner Scrutinized for Planning to Come Back to China

Yang Zhenning, 1957 Nobel Prize Winner for Physics, and his wife are coming home to China, not without much criticism.

Sugar-rich diet can lead to Alzheimer's disease; Gut-healthy diet can prevent the disease
Sugar-rich diet can lead to Alzheimer's disease; Gut-healthy diet can prevent the disease

If reports are anything to go by, sugar-rich diet can lead to Alzheimer's disease. On the other hand, gut-healthy diet can prevent the disease.

UCAS and NTU Singapore’s research agreement will cover a timespan of five years.
Hibernation as part of cancer cure

The price for curing cancer typically involves pain and stress. However, with the recent update on cancer cure, experts revealed that sleep could help in successfully curing terminal cancer with lesser side-effects.

A hand-rolled marijuana cigarette with design is being smoked by a cannabis user.
Marijuana benefits and White House concern for opioid

Although not entirely accepted in the society, marijuana use continues proliferates due to its alleged beneficial effects. However, marijuana users may soon find themselves in conflict with the law as the White House aims to strengthen crackdown.

Two medicine bottles are placed just above an HIV positive vaccine sign.
Functional HIV cure gaining momentum; HIV patients free of detectable virus

A functional cure for HIV has been revealed by experts recently. Although far from being perfected, five individuals carrying the deadly virus have been currently freed from any detectable traces of HIV.

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