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Day guest Helga, who has dementia, during a sport lesson in the geriatric day care facility of the German Red Cross (DRK, or Deutsches Rotes Kreuz) at Villa Albrecht on March 18, 2013 in Berlin, Germany.
Dementia rate has fallen in the US, thanks to education, better treatment: Study

A new study has found that the rate of dementia among the Americans is incredibly declining. The researchers think that higher education and better treatment of certain diseases have been a great help.

Following his win as president-elect, Donald Trump has received a lot of opinions and messages, this time, it came from first graders.
Viral: First graders from California write letters to president-elect Donald Trump

Some first graders from California sent letters to president-elect Donald Trump and they are going viral, as one asked Trump to "let people with different color skin be friends."

Revealed at D23's Destination D 2016 at Walt Disney World, the artwork showcases the Na’vi River Journey ride that will open as part of the World of Avatar at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Summer 2016.
Disney's 'Avatar' theme park officially opening Summer 2017; New rides and details revealed [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

"Avatar 2" has been long overdue ever since the original film opened in theaters in 2009. Although the next installment in James Cameron's sci-fi/fantasy/action series will not be releasing until 2018, fans will not have to wait that long to experience the world of "Pandora."

A hand-rolled marijuana cigarette with design is being smoked by a cannabis user.
Marijuana legalization under Donald Trump administration to boost cannabis industry

Marijuana legalization is a very sensitive and important issue for most US citizens. And with the presidential election being concluded, it seems like a brighter future is ahead the weed industry under the leadership of Donald Trump.

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An expert scans sample displayed on the monitor.
HIV, AIDS Cure updates: High school student discovered vaccine; 2 people already cured

HIV and AIDS had long puzzled medical science and most experts not only of its definite origin, but most especially of its potential cure. Having similar inclination to solve such global health problem, a Lakota East High School student managed to think of a cure for the dreaded diseases.

Mission To Mars movie stills
Ivy League Professor Says Alien Life All around Earth, Controls All Aspects of Physical Life

People on Earth could not find intelligent life beyond the planet because its remains control all aspects of the physical world. Professor Caleb Scharf, an astrophysicist at Columbia University, cited as examples gravity and the speed of light.

A patient's foot is chained at a Liberian mental facility Aug. 28, 2003 in Monrovia, Liberia.
More American teens are depressed: Study

Adolescents everywhere suffer from anxiety and sadness, but it is startling to note that teens in the United States have been found to be afflicted by a major depressive episode (MDE). This condition is more widespread among people aged between 12 and 20 years.

According to the China 2016 Crime and Safety report, Shanghai is generally safe for and from foreigners; however, tourists are still advised to be watchful.
Shanghai Tourism: How Safe Is the City For and From Foreigners?

According to the China 2016 Crime and Safety report, Shanghai is generally safe for and from foreigners; however, tourists are still advised to be watchful.

HBO's show
Mannequin Challenge enthusiasts take inspiration from 'Westworld'

Watching an episode of "Westworld" is more about experiencing the new viral trend Mannequin Challenge. The show has been on the air for seven weeks now, but following the popularity of the internet's latest meme, the viewers cannot ignore the startling similarity between the two.

The Cloisters at Gloucester Cathedral is where 'The Chamber of Secrets has been opened' scene in Harry Potter was filmed.
Guide on how to visit Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead filming locations revealed

Harry Potter, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are among the most famous entertainment franchises in the world. Now, fans can travel to some of the locations where these movie and television shows were filmed by following these guides.

Black and white and hints of red: This altered wartime photo shows a glimpse of what transpired during the Nanjing Massacre in the late ‘30s in China. It appears at the back of a hoodie.
Fashionably Insane? Nordstrom’s Sold-out Hoodie Shows Nanjing Massacre Photo

A hoodie displaying a black and white picture of the Nanjing Massacre garnered criticisms. Sold through Nordstrom and was already pulled out, a model designed the seemingly scandalous hoodie.

A woman runs with a dog on leash.
Woman loses 200 pounds, thanks dog for her weight loss

Thanks to her dog, 40-year old Karen Kelly claims to have lost a significant amount of weight just by walking her dog every day, whatever the weather. She started in 2012 and has lost total of 200 pounds since.

Massive 'Super Moon' Rises Over U.S.
Supermoon watched around the world; A hype or not?

The moon was closer to the earth on Nov. 14 than it has ever been in 68 years. A supermoon occurs whenever the moon is 90 percent closest to the earth at any one given orbit, and the last time this occurred was in 1948. Astronomers calculate that the next one will be in 2034.

Massive 'Super Moon' Rises Over U.S.
Arizona Supermoon Video Shows UFO-Like Vessel Passing By

The supermoon on Saturday night provided an opportunity for an observer in Arizona to record a video clip of a vessel that looks like a UFO passing over the very bright moon.

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