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Wang, who already performed at Carnegie Hall as a chamber musician, earned her master’s degree in violin at the prestigious Yale School of Music in 2016.
Chinese Violinist Wang Jiazhi to Play at Carnegie Hall

Wang Jiazhi, a 26-year-old Chinese violinist, is scheduled to perform at the Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall on March 28, according to an article by China Daily.

Many students in China are foreign students who are referred to as third culture kids.
China’s Third Culture Kids Bear Struggles in Millennium Age

In a global age where people are citizens of the world, children who are born in a different country than their parents' place of origin are called third culture kids.

The historic Taiyuan County was first built in 1375.
600-Year-Old Historic County Being Revived Begins to Take Shape

Ancient Taiyuan County, which dates back to Ming Dynasty (A.D. 1368-1644), begins to take shape with efforts to restore relics to what they were like around 600 years ago.

A new crop of Chinese artists are making a name for themselves in the national arts and culture scene.
Young Chinese Artists Follow Art Masters’ Footsteps But with a Twist

A new crop of Chinese artists are making a name for themselves in the national arts and culture scene despite their storied background--they are the children and grandchildren of traditional Chinese art masters.

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The National Opera and Dance Drama Theater regularly performs productions set in different parts of Chinese history.
Chinese Culture Promoted Abroad Through Theater Productions

One of the most important theater companies in China, the National Opera and Dance Drama Theater has been performing classic operas and dance dramas in the country for over 60 years.

Chinese works of art for sale at Christie's include Laongquan Celadon made during the Ming Dynasty.
Christie’s Sale to Include 3,000-Year-Old Chinese Works of Art

Chinese works of art are on sale at Christie’s, which will feature 31 pieces of bronze sculptures, celadon jade and paintings.

A statue of Confucius is seen with high-rise buildings in the background on Sept. 28, 2006 in Changchun, Jilin Province, China.
China to Publish Confucian Book for Belt and Road Countries

A Chinese publisher is set to release the Analects of Confucius, a collection of ideas and sayings from the renowned Chinese philosopher, in five languages for countries under the Belt and Road initiative this year.

Expats admire Mao Zedong for his work and legacy.
Mao Zedong Admirer Reveals Life as an American Communist in Beijing

Dylan Walker talks about his admiration for Mao Zedong and living the expat life in China.

Performers belonging to the Golden Dragon Acrobats feature a variety of acrobatic skills that represent various traditions in Chinese culture that include folk dances, contortionism, and juggling, among many others.
Golden Dragon Acrobats Presents Traditional Chinese Culture to Modern-Day Youth

Traditional Chinese culture may no longer be as popular as they used to be among Chinese people these days, but it nonetheless forms a great deal of Angela and Danny Chang’s continuing passion project, the Golden Dragon Acrobats.

Shanghai is home to more than 150
International Women’s Day in China: Chinese ‘Comfort Women’ History Compromised in Favor of Japan-China Relations

This week, China celebrated International Women’s Day with the rest of the world, although it remains divided over one of the most devastating episodes on Chinese women’s dignity. Japan’s acts of sexual slavery within Chinese territory during World War 2 continues to be a source of controversy.

Being a chef in China has long been viewed as a mostly male affair, given the physically taxing nature of tending to kitchen action.
International Women’s Day in China: Celebrating the Legacy of Retired Chef Hu Limei

China joins the rest of the world in celebrating International Women’s Day, an event highlighting the brilliance of women as they work to prove their capabilities in an otherwise patriarchic milieu. Retired chef Hu Limei, who belongs to China’s first wave of professional chefs, stands out as a notable example.

People wait in line for a reading pavilion at Knowledge Square in front of Shanghai Library on March 5, 2017.
Reading Pavilion Becomes Popular in Shanghai

CCTV program "Readers" has kindled a new trend among Chinese: reading aloud in booths.

Hello, yellow! A gigantic character with the face of the sun goes on parade at Nice Carnival - “The King of Energy” during its first weekend in Feb. 2017 in Nice, France.
Energizing Xiamen: Sino-French Deal Approves Nice Carnival in China

The massively colorful Nice Carnival will arrive in China in April. Xiamen and Nice officials inked a contract that granted the former exclusive rights to the popular carnival event.

Two women are performing exercise routines in the gym to keep fit.
Proper exercise approaches and diet tips for a more effective weight loss

Scientists and researchers believed that the key to losing weight is a multi-faceted approach, involving the proper exercise and the most appropriate meal plan. By venturing into the said procedures, an individual may be guaranteed of a more efficient and long-term result.

A transparent pill from the movie 'Limitless' is being held by the hand.
Nootropic effect and the biohackers of Silicon Valley

Being on top of everything requires a tremendous amount of focus and brain energy. In order to suffice such requirements, most individuals resort to the use of nootropic products or otherwise known as smart drugs.

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