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According to official data, there were approximately 200,000 comfort women in China from 1937 to 1945.
The Untold Story of Chinese Comfort Women

Few filmmakers venture into the world of tragedy and successfully recount a story, let alone Wei Shaolan’s--a woman forced into sex slavery by Japanese during the Sino-Japanese War.

Local officials in Puding county will limit banquets to funerals and weddings.
Banquets Banned in Puding to Save People from Poverty

A county in China bans banquets to stop people from extravagant spending and food wastage.

Vitamin D Supplements protect against respiratory infections, cold, flu; 3 easy ways to increase your vitamin D intake
Vitamin D Supplements protect against respiratory infections, cold, flu; 3 easy ways to increase your vitamin D intake

According to a new study, Vitamin D supplements help individuals to protect themselves against respiratory infections, flu and cold.

Children's health is compromised by the bad air quality in China's major cities.
Air Pollution Causing People in Chinese Urban Cities to Migrate

The worsening air pollution in major cities in China is forcing people to flee their homes and find other places to live and work.

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With the construction of a cable car, the outside world is so much closer to the residents of Zhongdong Cave.
For Chinese Cave Dwellers, Development Presents an Uncertain Future

Far from civilization, 18 families live in solitude inside an enormous cave in southwestern China. For years the country’s remaining cave-dwelling village has been undisturbed, but a local tourism development company now threatens their way of life, Capital News reported.

A portrait of Winston Churchill having a British flag as its background.
Winston Churchill's 1939 unpublished essay speaks of life on Mars, Venus

Winston Churchill is best remembered for his role as a Prime Minister and war hero during the World War 2. However, recent documents uncovered revealed a speculative and science-oriented side of Churchill, which included his concept of life outside our own planet.

Netizens became suspicious of the supposed ban when the Chinese adaptation of “Running Man,” a popular South Korean variety show, changed its name to “Keep Running.”
Rumors of Ban on South Korean Entertainment Circulate

As tensions between China and South Korea escalate due to the latter’s plan to deploy the THAAD system, netizens and fans speculate whether a ban has been imposed on South Korean entertainment, the Global Times reported.

Works of Chinese writers are catching the interest of Western readers.
Fascinated Westerners Read Ancient Sex Traditions in Chinese Novels

Many readers from the West are now fascinated by the rise of many Chinese novels and are attracted to the magic of romance depicted in these works of fiction.

Eating fruits rich in flavonoids helps in weight loss and controls intake-calories
Eating fruits rich in flavonoids helps in weight loss and controls intake-calories, study finds

The recent study by Harvard Medical School found that consuming more fruits rich in flavonoids can help in losing weight. Eating more fruits daily like blueberries, strawberries or apple can prevent obesity, even if eating the same amount of calories.

A set of hairpins during Qing Dynasty sold for 207,000 yuan ($30,084) at the China Guardian 2015 spring auctions.
Culture Insider: Gifts of Love in Ancient China

Valentine's Day has, again, come and passed. Have you ever been caught up in a situation that leaves you clueless on what item to buy for your boyfriend or girlfriend? The ancient Chinese were never baffled by this problem. Here are some classic gifts for lovers during ancient times. Check it out and it may provide you with unique gift ideas.

Close, closer: (L) Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s characters in “La La Land” face each other. (R) The lovers in “Ghost the Musical” clasp hands.
Lovers Gotta Love Beijing! City’s Delightful Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, options on how to spend it vary. Beijing helps people choose how to celebrate Feb. 14, from attending a mini concert to just simply strolling on a pavement lit by a thousand and one lights.

Pope Francis calls for abolition of death penalty throughout the world.
China, Vatican unification shines bright under Pope Francis

China and Vatican recently made significant progress under the leadership of Pope Francis. Recent events revealed that Beijing and the Holy See might have already come to a consensus concerning a crucial Church matter, suggesting a brighter future for both States.

It’s not uncommon for Chinese parents to set up their children on blind dates with a potential boyfriend or girlfriend.
Single Men Look for Partners to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in China

Many single men in Shanghai look to the auspicious day of love in the hopes of finding their soul mates. The same may be also true for a lot of single women.

As lifestyles shift and attitudes change, celebrating the Spring Festival in China has also taken new turns, with technological advancements taking centerstage.
Spring Festival in Contemporary Times: How China’s Most Important Holiday Has Changed with the Times

In traditional terms, the Spring Festival is celebrated in a manner akin to the ways and means of the olden times. But as lifestyles shift and attitudes change, celebrating China’s most important holiday has also taken new turns, with technological advancements taking centerstage.

Relationships between two people with different races are proven to be happier.
True Love? Relationships Succeed Between Western Women and Chinese Men

This Valentine’s Day, western women who have relationships with Chinese men share their insights on how the chemistry is kept amid the great cultural barrier.

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