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Experts Judge The Annual International Wine Challenge Entries
You might be drinking the wrong wine: How to spot a fake one

There has been an increase of fake wines in the market in the recent years, and it does not only occur at the top end of the market because several discoveries of fraudulent wines even at small independent stores. This is the reason why fraud investigations remain a frequent occurrence.

Aging population has become a problem not only in China, but also in Japan, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, United States, and much of Western Europe.
Cases of Alzheimer’s Disease in China to Triple by 2050

Growing older can be both a blessing and a curse. Take it from a 90-year-old bedridden elderly who has surely enjoyed his youth, but is now suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Fish-shaped lanterns are ready to greet the Spring Festival on Gongshui River in Xuanen County, central China's Hubei Province this Jan. 28.
5 Great Food Trip Spots You Should See This Spring Festival

There are hundreds of things to do during the Spring Festival. You can visit temple fairs, watch movies and shows, shop, or just spend time with your family. But there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss--going on a food trip with your family and friends.

Rooster is the 10th animal in the 12-animal zodiac circle. It is said to be proud, confident, adventurous, talkative and social.
Are You a Rooster? Expect Challenges This Year, Work Hard, but Manage Your Expectations

People born in the Year of the Rooster (1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, and 2019) have a one in 12 chance of being a "rooster."

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An expert scans sample displayed on the monitor.
HIV, AIDS cure lies within genetic alteration; $2.6M grant additional research fund

HIV and AIDS cure has long been sought by experts. One of the known approaches being perfected today is immunotherapy, a technology that would be anchored on genetic alteration to control the virus from replicating.

China is known as the world capital of bicycles. There are 430 million owners of bicycles in the country.
China to Open World’s Longest ‘Bike Lane in the Sky’

Good news to all cycling enthusiasts! China will soon open the world’s longest aerial bicycle lane in the southeastern Chinese city of Xiamen.

One of artist Huang Yongyu's works.
Huang Yongyu's Zodiac Animal Paintings Animate Beijing

An exhibition featuring artist Huang Yongyu's 168 paintings of Chinese zodiac animals has been displayed at Beijing's National Museum of China since Jan 19.

Screen of an X-ray security machine shows two bottles of wine
X-ray Scanner Reveals Passengers' Luggage for Home Journey During Spring Festival

Travelers head home for family reunions during the Spring Festival holiday. What will they bring home with them? Pictures taken on screens of X-ray security machines across China, which are used to check passengers' luggage, answer that question.

Feng Qiyong
'A Dream of Red Mansions' Expert Feng Qiyong Dies at 95

Feng Qiyong, renowned Chinese academic, has passed away on Sunday at the age of 95.

Statistics show that up to 356 million trips are expected to be made via rail this Chinese Lunar New Year.
Beijing South Railway Station Upgrades Services for Disabled Passengers

Passengers with special needs can now travel with ease as Beijing South Railway Station upgraded its services in time for Spring Festival or Chinese Lunar New Year.

The ancient people built Buddha statues to pray for safety.
Sunken Buddha Statue Discovered from a Water Reservoir in China

A 12-foot-long Buddha statue was discovered by archaeologists after conducting an underwater expedition in Nangcheng County in Fuzhou City.

NCPA: Lang suits the position not just because of his many achievements in the musical arena but also because of the strong partnership he has shared with the organization through the years.
Lang Lang Becomes NCPA's New Resident Artist

In a news conference on Jan. 17, the National Center for the Performing Arts (NCPA) announced that it has chosen international classical pianist Lang as its Artist-in-Residence for 2017-2018.

The report indicated that about 72 percent of Chinese women have never taken part in any relevant skills training.
Women More Vulnerable to Climate Change Effects, Says Report

In a new report released by UN Women, it was revealed that women are more susceptible to the effects of climate change in China than their male counterparts.

Bike to work
Beijing to Regulate Parking for Ride-Share Bicycles

Ride-share bicycles parked randomly across Beijing have been causing problems for pedestrians and public transportation these days. Here's how the government plans to deal with the issue.

The facade of Village 127 French Bakery and Cafe
Shanghai Cafe Gets Flak For Employing Those From HIV/AIDS Affected Families

Business became sluggish for Village 127 French Bakery and Cafe after it was revealed that their employees come from families affected by HIV/AIDS.

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