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A hand-rolled marijuana cigarette with design is being smoked by a cannabis user.
Marijuana benefits debunked by recent comprehensive study; Weed less effective

The so-called marijuana health benefits as claimed by most users has been trampled down by recent studies. The so-called positive effects of cannabis in the body has been found to be less effective than previously thought of.

A woman covers her face so as not to show her emotions over a certain topic.
Rejection Therapy: Transforiming rejection into opportunity

The fear of rejection would always be lingering in the background. That is why it is important for an individual to learn how to manage rejection and transform it into an opportunity.

Luo Yufeng, a Chinese network star, came to VOA's New York studio on March 23, 2016, to talk about her life experiences in China and the United States.
Luo Yufeng: How China’s ‘Most Hated Internet Celebrity’ Continues to Stay Relevant

In the age of the Internet, trends, celebrities, and fads enjoy a moment in the spotlight before quietly fading away in just a matter of weeks. But Luo Yufeng, who is considered one of China’s first—and also said to be one of the most hated—Internet celebrities, continues to have staying power despite being a bully bait.

You can Lose Weight drinking wine!
Research found that drinking wine every night actually makes you skinny

The new research unleashed that drinking wine can actually help drop a few pounds. The suggested formula for weigh loss is a maximum of two glasses and drinking it in the evening. Many scientists and researchers are finding further connections of wine to weight loss.

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Free popcorn at a movie screening
Surprise! Your salty favorites can actually help you lose weight

When it comes to weight loss, what goes into your mouth can make a significant difference. Whatever you are having for snacks can impact your metabolism as well as your appetite.

Progressive icon Jin Xing hosts the first episode of
China’s Most Progressive Celebrity Is Now Hosting a Sexist Dating Show

Progressive icon Jin Xing has made headlines for being China’s first openly transgender celebrity. Jin has been celebrated for her accomplishments, but now, the Internet is divided over their opinion of the celebrity, who has recently started hosting a controversial dating show.

In this photo illustration an all English fry up breakfast is eaten
How a full English breakfast can help you lose weight

Breakfasts are usually just made up of coffee, and just coffee, just because it takes up some precious time to fix breakfast. What most people do not know is that the simple act of eating breakfast plays a significant part in a person's weight loss.

Author and filmmaker Xiaolu Guo at the 2015 London Book Fair.
Xiaolu Guo Reveals What It’s Like to Grow Up as a Young Girl in Communist China

Nowadays, most young people in China only have a fleeting idea of what it’s like during the country’s communist era. But for writer and filmmaker Xiaolu Guo, the memories of living in such a difficult time is as fresh as it was when she was just a little girl in Shintang Village.

First Miss Universe crown
6 things you should known about the first Miss Universe crown

Reigning Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is wearing $300,000-worth crown that features 311 pcs of diamonds, 5 pieces of blue topaz, 198 pieces of blue sapphire, 33 pieces of crystal and 220 grams of gold. Total weight of the crown is 411 grams.

Decorations for the upcoming Chinese New Year at Shanghai Disney Resort in Pudong.
Shanghai Disney Resort to Celebrate First Chinese New Year

Shanghai Disney Resort has been preparing for the upcoming Chinese New Year. This is the first lunar New Year since the resort opened last June, and the park has been decorated in a beautiful Chinese-style.

A woman makes a Chinese knot for a wall decoration at Liujing village, Xiayi township in Central China's Henan Province, Dec 3, 2016.
From Food to Decoration: Lunar New Year Preparations Are Underway

With the Spring Festival roosting in every Chinese home on Jan. 28, people in villages are all hands preparing food specialties and traditional decorations to celebrate the coming Year of the Rooster.

A pot of ancient eggs is on display at the Nanjing Museum, Jan 7, 2017.
Chicken Theme for 2017: 2,800-Year-Old Fossilized Eggs a Drawcard in Nanjing Museum

A chicken-themed exhibition has opened in Nanjing, East China's Jiangsu province, to usher in the upcoming Chinese zodiac Year of the Rooster. Over 200 cultural treasures are on display at the Nanjing Museum, including jade, porcelain, bronze, stone carvings, embroidery, paintings, paper-cut, stamps, enamelware, and many others, showcasing the cultural connotations of the zodiac rooster in Chinese culture.

Melania Trump attends 2016 Time 100 Gala, Time's Most Influential People In The World red carpet at Jazz At Lincoln Center at the Times Warner Center on April 26, 2016 in New York City.
Melania Trump's makeup artist gives hint of how she would look like upon entering the White House

Just days to go until Donald Trump's inauguration, many wonder what Melanie Trump will wear and how her make-up will look like as she witnesses her husband be sworn in as president.

Spring Festival train tickets sales start in China
Chinese New Year Marks the Start of the Biggest Migration of Humans in the World

The Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most important holiday in China. The New Year will be on Jan. 28 and droves of Chinese across the country will be reuniting with their families.

U.S. Raises Air Security Alert To Red For The First Time
Tencent in Trouble for Naughty Chinese Lunar New Year Party Game

Even if a game show in South Korea only simulated sex between the contest participants, the pumping scene done to burst a balloon placed on the groin area of a woman was enough to shock TV and YouTube viewers.

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