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With all of China’s grand commemorations for Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s death anniversary, such has not been the same in Taiwan.
Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s Death Anniversary Commemorated in China

China commemorated the 92nd death anniversary of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, whose leadership in ending the country's 2,000-year-old feudal rule under imperial forces made him a well-loved and respected figure among the Chinese.

Xinjiang serves as a “security barrier” that ensures the country’s security against threats posed by Islamic terrorists from the geopolitically volatile Middle East.
Terrorism in Xinjiang Fought with Utmost Resolve, Officials Express Greater Optimism

China’s Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region is moving towards greater stability amid challenges posed by terrorism, as both the Chinese government and regional leadership impose a “high-pressure crackdown” against terrorists looking to destabilize the region.

Yacht marinas, luxury residences and resorts, golf courses, and a Club Med have also been built in Sanya to attract more foreign and domestic tourists.
China’s Florida a Top Destination for Chinese Retirees

Sanya, an island province in Hainan, is fast earning a reputation as China’s Florida for its sunny weather, beaches, and groves of palm trees. It attracts a steady stream of tourists and retirees, especially visitors coming from cold regions, looking for a warmer escape.

Instead of following the old business model, Alibaba’s new research and development team will shift into a “pure holistic R&D mechanism” by using cutting-edge technological solutions.
Alibaba Bashed for Benefiting City Sellers More Than Rural Traders

Farmers are bashing Alibaba for benefiting city sellers more than those from rural areas in its rural e-commerce villages.

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Many Chinese children are adopted by Canadian couples and are raised in Canada.
Canadian Couple Looks for Adopted Girl’s Parents for Bone Marrow Donation

A Canadian couple adopted a sick Chinese baby girl in Guizhou 10 years ago and has been struggling to find a cure ever since.

Tourists crowd at Mount Huangshan on the third day of Chinese Lunar New Year on Jan. 30, 2017 in Huangshan, Anhui Province. China’s aging population will largely increase in 10 years’ time.
Looming Demographic Crisis Despite China’s Population Reaching 1.45 Billion by 2030?

For the next 100 years or so, China won’t be crunched by demographic woes. By 2030, country’s total population will balloon to 1.45 billion, and the government remains positive that no labor shortage will happen.

Chinese Air Defense Technology
China’s High-Tech Air Defense System Acquired by Pakistan Army--Should India Worry?

The Pakistan army has introduced a Chinese defense technology into its air defense system that could track and hit aerial targets from long distance, a move that could heighten the tension with its neighboring country, India, especially on how to address their terrorism problems and the disputed territory in Kashmir.

Donald Trump - 45th U.S. President
Xi-Trump Meeting Is Planned for Healthier China-US Relations

U.S. President Donald Trump plans to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping next month to mend the ties between the two countries.

Gwadar Port
Chinese Marine Corps Deployment to Increase in Gwadar

China will increase the Chinese marine corps deployment in Gwadar, Pakistan.

Supporters worldwide march to commemorate the Tibetan rebellion.
Supporters Worldwide March to Commemorate the Tibetan Rebellion

Pro-Tibetan supporters marched in various cities around the world to commemorate the 58th anniversary of a Tibetan rebellion against China.

The Chinese government denounces South Korea's THAAD deployment.
China’s Policy Toward Korea: A Complicated Approach to a Divided Peninsula

China’s rapid rise to the top of the world’s economic and political stakes further highlights its increasing role in one of the world’s most pressing security issues: North Korea’s nuclear threat. Kim Jong-un’s rogue regime has led China to take on North Korea cautiously as it also deals with the U.S. through South Korea.

The Chinese government has announced a slew of proposals to assist couples looking to have a second child.
China to Roll Out Moves to Promote Two-Child Policy As Couples Remain Reluctant to Have Second Child

In a bid to enhance the Chinese population from economic threats posed by aging, the Chinese government vows to provide national support to encourage couples nationwide to have a second child, amid difficulties posed by economic concerns and social security shortfalls.

It all started by removing Korean celebrities from TV commercials, reality programs and dramas in China.
Boycott of Korean Culture in China Intensifies Due to THAAD Row

China once embraced Korean culture with open arms. The country hosted the largest fanbase for Korean stars and Korean popular culture in general, but tides have turned and the boycott against anything Korean is in full swing, Korea Joongang Daily reported.

Political education is a key part of government policy, and it is quite rare for a government body to admit difficulties in enforcing such laws.
Chinese University Students Receive Poor Political Education

On Sunday, March 12, China’s education minister admitted that university students in the country receive poor political education, attributed to outdated classes, according to an article by Reuters.

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