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In 2016, the Ministry of Public Security was able to arrest 4,261 suspects involved in 1,886 cases of infringement of personal information.
Chinese Lawmakers Call for Better Systems to Avoid Infringement

Chinese lawmakers are calling for the creation of better, more effective response systems to protect personal information and, as a result, lessen the number of cases related to infringement, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

Chinese badminton star Lin Dan recently lost his men's singles title at the All-England Open.
All-England Open: Lin Dan Loses Men's Singles Title

Chinese badminton star Lin Dan failed to make it to the finals of the All-England Open. This is after he lost his title as the champion of men's singles category to fellow Chinese player Shi Yuqi.

China's stealth fighter, the J-20, is now part of the PLA's air force.
China’s Stealth Jet Joining the Air Force; US and Korea’s War Capabilities Under Threat

The stealth jet J-20 joins the People’s Liberation Army’s air force six years after its first flight.

China will build a 5,600-mile national park to conserve the Amur tiger and leopard.
China’s Green Revolution Moves Forward, Government to Build 5,600-Mile National Park

The Chinese government will be building a national park to be a haven for endangered animals with an area of 5,600 miles.

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Pakistani fishermen are now selling fish to China, thanks to the new Silk Road.
Chinese Local Governments Aggressively Grab OBOR Projects to Win Xi’s Good Side

Local government officials are aggressively competing for projects under the One Belt, One Road initiative to get the president’s good graces.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is faced with the decision of choosing between China and the U.S.
China-Australia Relations Continue Amid Trump’s Anti-China Stance

Experts in Australia believe that the good relations between Beijing and Canberra will continue despite Trump’s anti-Chinese position.

Procurator General Cao Jianming presents the annual report by the People's Supreme Court.
Top Chinese Prosecutor: Government Will ‘Strike Down the Tigers or Swat the Flies’

The chief of China’s Supreme People's Procuratorate said that they will pursue China’s anti-corruption campaign no matter what.

China's National People's Congress meets only once a year for its full session.
Chinese Legislature: More Seats to Be Allotted for Women, Workers, Professionals

Chinese legislature will now be giving more seats to women and workers. This aims to reduce the proportion of representatives that come from the Communist Party and the different government departments.

The People's Liberation Army is urged to integrate with private businesses to speed up modernization.
Xi to Chinese Military: Work with Civilian Groups to Gear Up Science and Technology

The Chinese president urges the People’s Liberation Army to work with civilians to ramp up science and technology in the armed forces.

China has donated teaching facilities including laptops and tablets to the Caribbean island of Barbados.
Barbados Gets Education Boost, Receives $5M Donation from China

The Caribbean island of Barbados has received an education boost from China. On Wednesday, Barbados was granted with teaching facilities worth $5 million.

Chinese students are threatened by bullies in school.
Education Ministry to Fight Bullying in Chinese Schools; Toxic Synthetic Running Tracks to Be Replaced

China is facing a big problem with students’ health in schools and wants to eradicate bullying.

China's Sex Education Book Series
China's Sex Education Textbook Series Goes Out of Stock Despite Controversy over Explicit Content

The sales of China's sex education textbooks are growing despite the controversy over their explicit content.

China’s assertion of its “nine-dash line” over the South China Sea puts all eyes on the country’s ongoing efforts to build a first-class Chinese navy.
China Ramps Up Military Developments with New Stealth Jet, First-Class Chinese Navy

China is on course to its continuous ascent as one of the world’s largest military powers, as the Chinese military puts its newest J-20 stealth fighter into service and develops the navy to add more aircraft carriers, frigates, and destroyers seeking to ensure order in its waters.

Terrorism in Xinjiang stands as China’s worst roadblock to the country’s mission to achieve greater economic heights, as it seeks to maintain a stable and secure society.
Xi Jinping: Combat Terrorism in Xinjiang with ‘Great Wall of Iron’

Chinese President Xi Jinping stressed on the need to establish a “great wall of iron” to protect China’s stability against separatists in Xinjiang, an autonomous region in the country’s western frontier that is prone to Islamist separatist insurgencies.

Harbin, located hundreds of kilometers near the China-Russia border, is often called as the Ice City.
Good Samaritans in Ice City of Harbin Warm Heart of Russian Mother

A Russian mother has received significant help from the good Samaritans of Harbin City. The woman has a daughter who needs to receive treatment for her cerebral palsy.

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