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Chinese nannies are now in demand in families in the United States.
Childcare Market: More Families in US Turn to Chinese Nannies

More families in the U.S. have been seeking Chinese nannies. One of the most favored reasons is their ability to speak and expose children to Mandarin.

Shanghai Free Trade Zone (FTZ)
Foreigners in Shanghai Can Now Get Green Cards by Submitting a Letter

Foreigners in Shanghai can avail of the most recent benefit from the Free Trade Zone (FTZ)--an easy application for a “green card.”

Russia on Syrian Crisis
China Advised US, Russia to Avoid Conflict on Crisis in Syria

China urged the US and Russia to evade disagreements in dealing with the crisis in Syria.

China-Palestine Relations
China Advocates Palestinian State, Pushes to Do More in Middle East Peace Process

China said on Thursday that a Palestinian state must be allowed. Palestine urged China to increase its efforts in the Middle East peace process.

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Asians hold protests at the O'Hare Airport Terminal when a Vietnamese doctor was dragged off a United Airlines flight.
Asians Outraged and Accuse United Airlines of Racism for Flight Overbooking, Lack of Sympathy

The viral video of a Chinese doctor dragged by United Airlines ground staff went viral and has caused outrage among Asians all over the world.

Shanghai Pollution
Chinese Authorities Condemn Shanghai Pollution

Chinese officials criticized Shanghai for being sluggish in its efforts to curb the pollution in the city.

Dog and Cat Meat Banned in Taiwan
Taiwan’s Dog and Cat Meat Law Went Viral, Gained Mixed Reactions

The news of Taiwan’s dog and cat meat law went viral abroad. However, not everyone supports the law.

Detained Activist Lee Ming-che
Do Not Intervene in the Case of Detained Activist, China Warns

China warned outside groups not to intervene in the case of the detained activist Lee Ming-che, saying that would make matters complicated and damage the China-Taiwan relations.

Dalai Lama leaving Tawang after a four-day visit.
China-India Relations Damaged as India 'Breached' Its Commitment on Tibet Issue

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has reiterated that China-India relations will be negatively affected by the Dalai Lama’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh and has also accused India of breaking its commitment on the Tibet issue.

Zhou Benshun is one of Hebei's top officials who were jailed for corruption.
Provincial Government to Learn from Hebei Official’s Graft Probe, Vows to Fight Pollution

The Communist Party of Hebei pledges to rectify current policies and to learn from the lessons from the arrest of Yang Chongyong.

Japan is beefing up its self-defense systems in response to increasing Chinese presence over the East China Sea.
Japanese Self-Defense Forces Muscle Up Due to China Threat on East China Sea

Japan is increasing its number of jets as China is increasing military presence in the south of Japan.

U.S. stealth fighters and F-22 jets fly over North Korea.
China-North Korea Alliance to Remain Strong Amid High Tensions in Korean Peninsula

China will remain as North Korea’s strongest ally despite the growing tensions with the U.S.

China's Chief Climate Negotiator Xie Zhenhua
BASIC Countries Create 'Important Contributions' to Paris Agreement

The BASIC countries, composed of Brazil, South Africa, India and China, have created “important contributions” to the Paris Agreement, according to Xie Zhenhua.

Yahoo is being sued by Chinese dissidents to pay for a fund promised in 2012.
Yahoo Sued for Not Paying Chinese Dissidents, Keeping Financial Aid to Activists Unfulfilled

A group of Chinese dissidents is suing Yahoo for not financing a fund that is supposed to help Chinese activists.

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