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China-U.S. Expanded Bilateral Meeting at Florida
China Makes Move to Avert Trade War, Offers Concessions with US

In a move to prevent a trade war the U.S., which would be harmful to both countries, China opened its doors to give the U.S. better access to invest in the financial sector and lift the ban on U.S. beef exports, the Financial Times reported.

Gun tourism has long been popular in the United States, where regulatory laws are lax compared to other countries.
More Chinese Gun Enthusiasts Travel to US to Shoot at Firing Ranges

Gun tourism is enticing Chinese gun enthusiasts to American shores for chance to shoot their favorite firearms, USA Today reported.

Finnish President Sauli Niinisto
Finland Trade Minister to US and China: Compromise and Avoid Trade War

Prior to the meeting of President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping, Finland’s trade minister called for the two nations to cooperate.

 People crowd to view an exhibit on unmanned aerial vehicle models at the Aviation Expo China.
China to Expand Global Sales of Military Drones

China has a new combat drone model it is ready to place in the market.

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A squirrel picks up a conker beneath trees.
China’s 'Artificial' Forests Plagued by Squirrels

Squirrels are plaguing the commercial forests of China's Sichuan Province.

Donald Trump Impersonator in China
Chinese Donald Trump Impersonator is a Former Art Magazine Editor

Following the success of “Saturday Night Live’s” parody of American politics, particularly Alec Baldwin’s impersonation of U.S. President Donald Trump, there are plans for a spin-off. The 30-minute “Weekend Update” has a premiere date of Aug. 10 in prime time.

Mutant Turtle
Shaanxi Pet Shop in China Has a Real Mutant Turtle with 2 Heads & 6 Legs

A genetic mutation caused a Brazilian turtle to develop two heads and six legs. The real-life mutant turtle is now at a flower and fish shop in Shaanxi Province in China. The shop owner, Wong, purchased the baby red-eared slider from a wholesale market in Brazil along with other normal turtles.

The WEF report stated that in 2016, China received approximately 57 million tourists.
China Snags 15th Spot in Global Tourism Competitiveness Ranking

China is increasingly competitive in global tourism as the country moves up two spots in the global ranking released by the World Economic Forum on Thursday, April 6, according to an article by Xinhua News Agency.

First Lady Michelle Obama at Peking University
19th Century Manor to House Peking University’s Oxford Branch

Peking University, one of the most prestigious academic institutions in China, has recently purchased Foxcombe Hall, a 19th-century manor in Oxford to serve as its campus in the English university town, the Straits Times reported.

Bike-sharing in China
Can Mobile Apps Make Cycling in China Cool Again?

China was once a haven for bicycles, but its ambition to become more car-centric made biking lose its cool factor among the Chinese. Recently, the world’s second-largest economy is finding itself in love again with bicycles, thanks to bike-sharing through mobile apps.

Ivanka and her son, Theodore
Goddess Ivanka Teaches 1-Year-Old Son Mandarin Chinese

Ivanka Trump is teaching Mandarin Chinese to his son Theodore, who had just recently turned one.

China's oil production capability has been insufficient in meeting the country's huge demand for the commodity.
China Now the Largest Consumer of US Oil: US Energy Information Administration

The U.S. Energy Information Administration recently revealed that China is now the largest consumer of U.S. oil. The Asian country's strong demand for oil started to rise when it experienced dramatic economic growth.

Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen with China's President Xi Jinping
Cambodia PM Hun Sen Defends Use of China-Donated Fund in Building Stadium

Cambodia's Prime Minister Hun Sen defended the use of Chinese-donated funds in constructing a soccer stadium.

To compensate for the loss of livelihood, locals of the island have resorted to ecotourism to help alleviate the hunger and poverty in the community.
South China Sea Dispute Makes Filipinos Turn to Ecotourism

Located off Luzon, on the the South China Sea coast, the Philippine town of Masinloc struggles to cope with the effects of the ongoing dispute on its local livelihood, VOA News reported.

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