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Seychelles and Its Majestic Beaches
Seychelles Looks at a Promising China Travel Market

The Seychelles Tourism Board held trade sessions to promote the country to its emerging China travel market.

The WEF report stated that in 2016, China received approximately 57 million tourists.
China’s Tourism Bureau Snubs Decrease in Mainland Visitors

On Monday, the Chinese Tourism Bureau dismissed issues on the decrease in the number of mainland visitors, saying that an increase in foreign tourist arrivals had set it off.

Hainan Island - A Special Zone for Medical Tourism
China Formalizes Medical Tourism on Hainan Island

China has announced a pilot scheme for medical tourism on Hainan Island.

Suzhou Tomb Purchase Restrictions
Suzhou Prohibits Non-Locals from Making Tomb Purchases

The city of Suzhou restricts tomb purchases for people without a local household registration.

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CFDA Against Food and Drug Rumors
Chinese FDA Uses Instant Messaging to Fight Food and Drug Rumors

The Chinese FDA is using instant messaging and other online platforms to combat the spread of food and drug rumors.

Zimbabwe Calls for Help
China-Zimbabwe Ties Strengthened as China Donates Over 12,000 Tons of Rice

China donates more than 12,000 tons of rice to the disaster-stricken country, strengthening China-Zimbabwe ties.

Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama (L) shakes hands with retired Assam Rifles personnel Naren Chandra Das.
Dalai Lama Reunites with Indian Soldier Guard from 1959 Escape from Tibet

The Dalai Lama met an Indian soldier guard from his flight from Tibet in 1959 during his visit to northeast India.

South Korea’s Lotte Mart
South Korea’s Lotte Will Continue Doing Business in China Despite THAAD Dispute

South Korea’s Lotte Group executive said that the company will keep doing business in China notwithstanding the THAAD dispute.

Chinese fishermen
Authorities Investigate Butchering of White Dolphin in China

The Chinese police are investigating the butchering of a Chinese white dolphin.

President Trump’s statement comes ahead of his meeting with his Chinese counterpart, President Xi Jinping, at the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.
US Urges Stronger Stance Against North Korea's Nuclear Program

In another daring interview, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that the United States is ready to act unilaterally, without China’s help, in dealing with North Korea’s increasingly aggressive actions, according to a report by the Business Times.

Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong fears that Trump and Xi will focus on trade-related matters, putting China’s human rights violations on the wayside.
Human Rights Activists Call on China to Release Lee Ming-cheh

Taiwanese and Hong Kong activists gathered on Sunday, April 2, to urge the Chinese government to release Lee Ming-cheh, a human rights activist detained in China for approximately two weeks, according to an article by Taipei Times.

Since 2012, the Chinese government has tightened its grip on civil society, citing national security and stability as main motivations.
Sydney-based Professor Feng Chongyi Returns from Detention in China

Feng Chongyi, an academic based in Sydney, has finally returned to Australia after being detained in China for several weeks, the Strait Times reported.

High-speed Railway in Xinjiang
China’s High-Speed Rail Projects Overseas Losing Steam Due to Budget Woes

China's high-speed railway technology projects overseas are losing steam.

Stacks of lumber at a Home Depot store in Los Angeles.
China Now Turns to North Carolina for Timber

A Chinese businessman is buying lumber mills in Western North Carolina to provide China with hardwood.

Louis Vuitton : Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2017
Post about Chinese Granny Who Uses $1,100 New Louis Vuitton Bag to Keep Fresh Fish Purchased from Market goes Viral

A Chinese man gave a “Neverfull” Louis Vuitton handbag worth $1,100 to his grandmother. He gave the luxury item, which many urban females dream of owning one, to his granny because she has been using her old handbag for so many years.

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