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A view of the Shennongjia Forest in Hubei Province in Central China.
Xi Jinping’s Tree-Planting Project Faces Dispute

China’s greening campaign is under fire as a study published on Wednesday, May 3, suggested that the project’s successes were overstated, according to a report by the New York Times.

China's Air Pollution Problem
UH Researcher Receives $52,000 Grant to Study China’s Air Pollution

A researcher at the University of Houston received a $52,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to conduct a study on China’s air pollution.

The Dalai Lama is labeled by China as a
CPC Officials Discovered Donating Funds to Dalai Lama

The Communist Party has revealed that some of its officials are providing funds for the Dalai Lama who China treats as a separatist.

China-U.S.-North Korea Diplomacy
China Calls for Mended US-North Korea Ties to Resolve Nuclear Crisis

China called upon the United States and North Korea to reinstate contact and to resolve the crisis on the North’s nuclear weapons program.

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Kim Jong-un criticized China for
China to US, North Korea: ‘Stop Irritating Each Other’; Pyongyang Threatens and Calls China 'Reckless'

China is trying to convince North Korea and the U.S. to go to the negotiating table and "stop irritating each other" after North Korea blamed the U.S. for pushing for a nuclear war.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his delegation met with President Xi Jinping.
China Will Not Intervene in India-Pakistan Conflict on Kashmir to Implement CPEC Projects

China, through its state media, clarified that it will not intervene with India and Pakistan on the Kashmir issue.

The next-generation bullet trains have a maximum operational speed of 400 kilometers per hour.
Next-Gen Bullet Trains to Boost Regional Connectivity by 2020

CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., the top train maker in China, is currently working on next-generation bullet trains that have a maximum operational speed of 400 kilometers per hour, China Daily reported.

Chinese Consumers Buying Imported Goods
Students in Australia Supply In-Demand Goods to Chinese Consumers

Many students in Australia are taking advantage of the high demand Chinese consumers have for foreign goods, according to an article by Today Online.

Hong Kong will be one of the cities to be connected by the longest cross-sea bridge in the world.
Installation of Longest Cross-Sea Bridge Component Finished

A key component of the world’s longest cross-sea bridge has finally been installed by Chinese engineers on Tuesday, May 2, according to Xinhua.

Many Chinese netizens are subscribing to fake news because it is translated into Chinese.
Fake News from America Translated into Chinese Consumed Largely by Chinese Social Media

China’s social media is being flooded by fake news mainly because it is translated into Chinese and easier to read.

Dr. David Dao suffered this ordeal when airport security officers forced him, upon orders from United Airlines, to leave its Kentucky-bound plane on April 9. The flight was overbooked.
Dragged, Injured Airline Passenger Mistaken as Chinese Reaches Settlement with United

United Airlines offered a settlement to David Dao when he got forcibly disembarked, sustaining injuries as he got dragged off the plane. Dao accepted the settlement for an undisclosed sum.

Wealthy businessman Cheng Muyang is suspected of corruption and embezzlement of government funds in China.
Names of 22 Corruption Suspects Hiding Overseas Exposed; China’s Anti-Graft Drive Seeks Public's Help

The fox hunt for corruption continues as China’s anti-graft drive goes full swing overseas.

China-Pakistan Trade Relations
Chinese Envoy: Pakistan-Made Goods Are Not What China Needs

A Chinese envoy said his country has little interest in importing goods from Pakistan because the products do not match China’s needs.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad is the new U.S. ambassador to China.
Iowa Governor to Oversee US Issues with China, Pledges to Hit Country on Human Rights and Trade

U.S. President Donald Trump appointed the longest-serving American public servant to deal with China.

A television report about North Korea's missile launch is broadcast at the Seoul Railway Station on April 1, 2016 in Seoul, South Korea.
North Korea Crisis: Senior Chinese Diplomat Warns of 'Dark Forest' Unless Talks Resume

One of China's top diplomats has urged for further talks between North Korea and the United States to prevent the Korean Peninsula from turning into a nuclear "dark forest."

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