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Shanghai Tower Observatory
Shanghai Tower Observatory Finally Opens; Public to Enjoy Panoramic View

After a long trial period, the Shanghai Tower observatory on the 118th floor of the skyscraper is finally opened to the public.

Muslim Baby
China’s Xinjiang Prohibits ‘Religious’ Baby Names

Islamic baby names are banned in Xinjiang where about half of China’s Muslim population resides.Children with such names will not be granted a household registration.

China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi
Germany Urges China to Open Its Market One Step at a Time

Germany’s Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel has stated that China’s efforts to open its market should be taken step by step and not hastily done, according to a report by Xinhua.

Some of the companies imitating New Balance’s brand include New Boom, New Barlun and New Bunren.
Beijing Court’s Stance on New Balance Counterfeiting Case Sets Precedent

A court in Beijing has recently awarded New Balance a rare victory in an intellectual property dispute, according to a report by the New York Times.

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Zhuang Shuifa, 88, and Lin Shuishou, 90, were comrades in arms during the Second World War.
Tear-jerking Moment in China: World War 2 Veterans Reunite

The reunion of two aged veterans who fought in the Second World War went viral in China, moving plenty of people to tears, according to an article by The Telegraph.

Lee Ching-yu, the wife of Lee Ming-cheh
Wife of Taiwanese Activist Detained in China Pleads for His Safety

Lee Ming-cheh, a Taiwanese activist, has been in the custody of the Chinese government for over a month. His wife, Lee Ching-yu, is desperately calling for his release, according to an article by The Guardian.

China's submarine factory will be able to build four submarines simultaneously.
China’s Naval Power Strengthens as Nuclear Submarines To Be Built in Factory in Yellow Sea

China will be mass producing nuclear submarines in the Yellow Sea and has launched Type 092 vessels, the country’s first nuclear missile sub.

China launches first domestically made aircraft carrier.
Chinese-Manufactured Aircraft Carrier Makes Debut; Experts Say China Is Positioning for War

The first locally made aircraft carrier in China was launched and experts believe that the country is preparing for a possible war.

South Korean conglomerate Lotte has been badly hit by China's sanctions due to the THAAD issue.
THAAD Row Continues to Harm South Korean Tourism Market

South Korea is learning that it shouldn’t mess with China the hard way as the country’s tourism industry continues to experience a decline, according to a report by CNN.

GM's Plug-In Hybrid Car at Auto Shanghai 2017
China Wants More Electric Vehicles on Its Roads by Next Year

China is aggressively pushing to increase the number of electric vehicles in the country as automakers promoted the use of electric vehicles at the recent Auto Shanghai 2017, an article said.

Dictionaries are displayed in a bookstore in Beijing.
CITIC Books Represents a Turning Point for Chinese Bookstores

Bookstores across China are slowly reinventing themselves to cope up with the growing culture of consumer spending in the country, Xinhua reported.

China and Greece were home to ancient civilizations that, although differed, brought about major discoveries still relevant in the modern age.
Ancient Civilizations Forum Lauded by Chinese Ambassador

The first of its kind, the Ancient Civilizations Forum concluded on Tuesday, April 25, amid high praise from fans, including Chinese Ambassador to Greece Zou Xiaoli, according to an interview with Xinhua.

Chinese war journalists
Young War Correspondents Take the Front Line for Chinese Media

In an effort to extend the influence of China’s state-run media all over the world, more Chinese war journalists are covering news in grounds where conflict is ripe, The Guardian reported.

Officials believe that live-streaming classes on the Internet helps keep an eye on misbehaving students.
Chinese Students Put on Surveillance for Daydreaming in Class

Thousands of schools in China have installed webcams in their classrooms to catch students daydreaming during classes, an article by the New York Times reported.

Air China Flights
Air China Re-Opens Flights to North Korea After a Brief Suspension

After a short suspension of flights to Pyongyang, Air China has announced that it will start offering flights again to North Korea.

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