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Allianz CEO Oliver Bate said that China's globalization is an act of necessity for China.
Allianz CEO: China Has No Choice But to Support Globalization, Free Trade

China’s globalization is the only way for the country to economically survive, according to Allianz CEO Oliver Bate.

Philippine President Duterte talks to reporters on the issue of the Scarborough Shoal.
Philippine President Says No to War Against China to Resolve South China Sea Dispute

As the tension on the Scarborough Shoal issue escalates, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said that the Philippines will not go to war against China.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson speaks with Chinese President Xi Jinping.
Two Largest Economies Talk Amicably; Tillerson Ends Beijing Visit

The U.S. Secretary of State concluded a short trip to Beijing in lieu of Trump meeting with President Xi.

Natural History Museum Launch The Vault
Urumqi Man Proposes Marriage to Girlfriend with a 33-Ton Meteorite

In a bid to make their wedding proposal different from what most men do – that is kneel down and offer a diamond ring – some Chinese men use rings made of different materials to ask the hand of the woman in marriage. Hong Kong multimillionaire Chen Ronglian used a ring made out of a champagne wire cage when he proposed in November to Taiwanese actress Ady An.

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China's initiatives to cooperate with Latin America were formalized during President Xi's visit with Chilean President Michele Bachelet.
Chinese Diplomat Says China Favors Global Economic Integration, Free Trade

China will support global economic integration and Asia-Pacific regional cooperation, according to a Chinese diplomat in Latin America.

General Bajwa arrived in China to discuss security measures conducted for implementation of CPEC projects.
Pakistan Army Chief Visits ‘All-Weather’ Friend China to Discuss CPEC

Pakistan’s General Qamar Javed Bajwa, the country’s army chief, arrived in China to discuss the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen wants to have a modern military because of the increasing threat from China.
Taiwan Military Budget to Be Increased for Weapons Modernization Due to Rising Threat from China

The Taiwanese government announced that they will spend more on modernization because the threat from China is getting more intense.

Tourism in Brazil
Tourism in Brazil Aims for More Travelers from China

To promote tourism in Brazil, agencies are working to meet the demands of travelers in China.

Western Australia Tourism
Travelers in China Prefer Western Australia Tourism

Travelers in China are now more inclined to spend their vacation with Western Australia tourism than traditional Australian trips.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi's position on NOKOR Missile Testing
China: Ours Is the 'Only Feasible Plan' to Ease Tensions on Korean Peninsula

China insisted that the country’s proposal for easing the tensions on the Korean Peninsula was the “only feasible plan” and challenged the U.S. to come up with a better one.

Shanghai math is considered the best in the world.
Shanghai Math Books to Be Used in UK Schools

English versions of Shanghai math books will be printed and used in U.K. schools, based on a deal by Collins Learning and Shanghai Century Publishing Group.

Beijing Antique Seller
Beijing’s ‘Ghost Market’ Thrives on Selling Dark, Strange Wares

Beijing is home not only to 24-hour food stalls and low-priced wares but also to the popular weekly "ghost market" where people can buy almost anything--from chestnuts and dumplings to handmade dolls and antique collector items.

China's Internet Control
Closing of China's Parliament Annual Session Marked by 'Tightest Internet Controls' on Netizens

China's parliament session this year, which closed on Wednesday, March 8, will be remembered best for imposing a stricter Internet control policy on the country's 720 million Internet users, activists told RFA.

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