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China and Greece were home to ancient civilizations that, although differed, brought about major discoveries still relevant in the modern age.
Ancient Civilizations Forum Lauded by Chinese Ambassador

The first of its kind, the Ancient Civilizations Forum concluded on Tuesday, April 25, amid high praise from fans, including Chinese Ambassador to Greece Zou Xiaoli, according to an interview with Xinhua.

Chinese war journalists
Young War Correspondents Take the Front Line for Chinese Media

In an effort to extend the influence of China’s state-run media all over the world, more Chinese war journalists are covering news in grounds where conflict is ripe, The Guardian reported.

Officials believe that live-streaming classes on the Internet helps keep an eye on misbehaving students.
Chinese Students Put on Surveillance for Daydreaming in Class

Thousands of schools in China have installed webcams in their classrooms to catch students daydreaming during classes, an article by the New York Times reported.

Air China Flights
Air China Re-Opens Flights to North Korea After a Brief Suspension

After a short suspension of flights to Pyongyang, Air China has announced that it will start offering flights again to North Korea.

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China-South Africa Relations
New People-to-People Exchange Mechanism to Deepen China-South Africa Relations

Chinese Vice Premier Liu Yandong said that the newly launched people-to-people exchange mechanism will strengthen the China-South Africa relations.

Former statistics Bureau Chief Wang Baoan is indicted for corruption and bribery.
Former Statistics Bureau Boss Wang Baoan Indicted for Bribery Charges

Wang Baoan was indicted for accepting bribes when he was still the head of China’s National Bureau of Statistics.

On Wednesday, April 26, Phan-Gillis was sentenced by Chinese courts to almost four years in prison and deportation.
Phan Phan-Gillis Sentenced to Prison for Spying, Faces Deportation to the US

Businesswoman Phan Phan-Gillis will be deported to the U.S. after being sentenced to prison by a Chinese court.

China's First Locally Made Aircraft Carrier
First China-Made Military Carrier To Be Launched Soon

China’s first locally made military carrier is ready for launch and a ceremony will be held in the next few days.

China-South Africa Alliance
Science Park Cooperation Launched to Boost China-South Africa Alliance

The science park cooperation that was officially launched on Monday is expected to give the China-South Africa alliance a boost. China has expressed its willingness in sharing its relevant experiences with South Africa.

China-Australia Cybersecurity Cooperation
China, Australia Agree on Cybersecurity Cooperation

Australia has agreed to work with China on cybersecurity issues following a meeting between Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, and Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party's Central Commission for Political and Legal Affairs Meng Jianzhu in Sydney last week.

The Dark Hedges, located in Belfast, Northern, Ireland is one of the most iconic locations in
Air Link Between China and Ireland to Increase Tourism

Tourism is expected to increase in China and Ireland as direct flights have been established between the two countries, according to an article by The Irish Times.

China's Red Cross Society
China Red Cross Doles Out Humanitarian Items Worth 1 Billion Ugandan Shillings

The Red Cross Society of China has recently doled out humanitarian items to Uganda. The donation worth 1 billion Ugandan shillings includes sleeping bags, examination beds, operating tables and desktop computers.

South Korea will be joining the U.S. and Japan in joint military exercises.
China Calls for Calm as North Korea Conducts Live Fire Exercises; US Carrier Group Enters Korean Waters

China is calling for restraint to nervous South Korea and Japan as a U.S. vessel docks in South Korea.

China's Steel Export
US Probe on Steel from China May Trigger Retaliation, Beijing Warns

On Thursday, Washington launched an investigation into price dumping on Chinese steel products. Beijing warned of the possible retaliation due to the probe.

South Korean protesters burn an effigy of a North Korean missile.
China Calls for Restraint as US Strikers Fly Closer to North Korea; Beijing Intensifies Defense

As U.S. strike groups move closer to North Korea, China calls for restraint as it also strengthens its own line of defense.

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