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President Xi Jinping attends the closing of the NPC.
Xi Jinping Gets More Nods from Party, Increased Loyalty from Cadres

At the closure of the National People’s Congress, President Xi Jinping achieved a higher approval rating and has gains more loyal supporters.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and Yu Zhengsheng attend the closing meeting of the Fifth Session of the 12th National People's Congress.
China's Annual National People's Congress Session Concludes

The National People's Congress, China's national legislature, concluded its annual session at the Great Hall of the People on Wednesday morning. It was attended by Leaders of the Communist Party of China and the state, NPC deputies and lawmakers.

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson will be arriving in Asia to talk about approaches on resolving the conflict in the Korean Peninsula.
Pastors Helping North Korean Defectors Arrested in China

Two Christian pastors were arrested in China for helping North Korean defectors to flee to South Korea.

Vice Premier Wang Yang is expected to be in Manila to answer questions on Chinese vessels in Benham Rise.
Chinese Vice Premier Arrives in Manila Amid Benham Rise Controversy

China-PH ties are under question again as the controversial Benham Rise issue surfaces and springs criticism.

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Heightened military patrols are now being implemented in Xinjiang because of worsening extremist activities in the region.
Terrorists in Xinjiang to Be Offered Government Leniency for Voluntary Surrender

The Xinjiang government decided to offer a gentler punishment to terrorists who voluntary turn themselves to the police.

Baidu's CEO Robin Li says China should attract foreign talent that Trump does not want in the U.S.
Trump Bans Immigrants, China Takes Advantage by Extending Visa Rules to Five Years

As U.S. President Donald Trump tries to get rid of immigrants in America, China wants them to stay in China instead.

The new pop ballad captures a crude encapsulation of seething anger from China over THAAD, which continues to escalate as South Korea maintains its defiant stance.
Pop Ballad Sings About China’s Anti-Korean Moves on THAAD

It's no secret at this point that South Korea is at great odds with China over THAAD antimissile deployments, but a quirky Chinese pop ballad seeks to tell the world more about the country's spiteful reaction to a potentially disastrous trigger that can wreak havoc on the Korean peninsula.

Universal Studios Theme Park
Beijing Theme Park to Open in 2020; Opportunities for Tourism and Employment Rise

A Beijing theme park, scheduled to open in 2020, expects 12 million visitors in its pilot year and will be hiring around 10,000 employees in 2019.

Footage was released of the ongoing development of military facilities in the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea.
New Footage on Construction on Paracel Islands Revealed; South China Sea Militarization Continues

A new set of satellite photos reveals that construction on the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea is ongoing.

Since labor unions are forbidden in China, Wu and other Longhua miners have taken to WeChat, a social media app, to organize and let their demands be heard.
Chinese Coal Miners Voice Concerns As More Coal Mines Close

The town of Dalianhe in Heilongjiang Province used to be the center of coal mining in the China, what with it being the home of the largest open-pit coal mine in the country. But as closing Chinese coal mines become an increasing occurrence, coal miners are making sure their voices are heard.

Zhou Qiang, President of the Supreme People's Court of China, delivers his work report to the National People's Congress at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, March 12, 2017.
Chief Justice Zhou Qiang Names Chinese Legal System’s Top Accomplishment

Zhou Qiang, Chinese Chief Justice, says that the top achievement of the Chinese legal system for 2016 is putting famous human rights lawyer behind bars.

Duterte Calls Military to Assert Claim on Benham Rise
Chinese Survey Ships Spotted; Duterte Calls Military to Assert Sovereignty over Benham Rise

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte commanded the military to assert the country’s claim on Benham Rise, where Chinese survey ships were spotted.

Voting 42-11, the city council of Trier resolved a months-long debate initiated by the residents on whether China’s gift to the city would be accepted.
German City to Receive Marx Statue from China to Commemorate Philosopher’s 200th Birthday

After rigorous deliberation, the city council of Trier, Germany decided to accept a controversial 6.3-meter bronze statue of Karl Marx, in line for the commemoration of his 200th birthday in his hometown. However, it seems that not everyone in Trier is happy with the city council's decision.

China’s combined provincial economic outputs have exceeded official national figures, bringing to fore the possibility that local officials are involved in inflating their provinces’ economic figures.
Falsifying Economic Data Amounts to Severe Punishment, Warns China’s Top Statistician

China will not hesitate to take on a no-holds-barred approach in punishing anyone caught falsifying economic data, as the Chinese government is working on strategies that would alleviate fears that the world’s second-largest economy is heading towards a growth slowdown.

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