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The U.N. has sanctioned North Korea for nuclear arms testing.
Confidential UN Report: China Is Sustaining North Korea

Chinese State Councilor Yang Jiechi will be visiting the U.S.
China’s Top State Councilor to Visit US to Reconstruct Relations

Ren Hang was a controversial artist in China who was famous for his brand of nude photography.
Chinese Photographer Ren Hang Dies at 29; Controversial Pics Remembered

The most expensive art pieces in the world are auctioned at Christie's.
Global Art Market Plummets in 2016 But China Still Biggest Buyer in the World

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Award-winning scientists Yang Zhenning and Yao Qixhi plans to come back to China.
Nobel Prize Winner Scrutinized for Planning to Come Back to China

Chinese actress Yang Mi plays the role of the heroine in the TV show
Web-Based Fiction Series: Foreign Nationals Dig into Chinese Romance Novels

President Xi Jinping is known for his intense anti-graft and corruption campaign.
President Xi Jinping Rallies Fight Against Poverty, Draws Back Experience from Early CPC Days

China wants a stronger navy and has increased its naval budget.
Chinese Navy Gearing Up Due to Unpredictable US Foreign Policy

A market in Uyghur autonomous region selling fish from Pakistan.
Pakistan Forges Ties and Jumpstarts China-India Trade Deal—Mainly Through Fish

African donkey hides are in an all time low because of the surge of demand in China.
Donkey Hide Smuggled from South Africa to China’s Medicinal Market

Chinese tourists still leave a bad impression to people in other countries.
Tourism Authority Says Chinese Tourists’ Behavior Better But China’s Image Is Unimproved

Harvard University is one of the famous sites in Boston.
Move Over UK; More Chinese Tourists Flock to Boston

Satellite images show that one of the islands on the South China Sea is being used as a military facility.
Experts Fear Continued South China Sea Militarization, Structures Built to Store Missiles

China is already building military structures on the Scarborough Shoal.
Philippines’ Foreign Minister Claims China Will Not Militarize Scarborough Shoal

The U.S. removed anti-dumping tariffs on China's tire manufacturers.
US Commission Rejects Tariffs on Anti-dumping and Countervailing of Chinese Tires

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