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AI-driven DevBot racing cars race in Argentina.
First Championship for AI-driven Racing Cars to Launch in Hong Kong in October

Kitty playing.
Cat Ownership Doesn’t Mean You’re More Likely to Become Crazy

Construction of the CNS Shandong as of October 2016.
China will Build Six Aircraft Carriers to Ensure Control of Asian Seas

Saudi airstrike hits Hodeidah
Saudi-led Coalition in Offensive to Seize Red Sea Ports from Houthis

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Electron microscope image of the deadly H7N9 virus.
New Mutation of H7N9 Bird Flu in China Risks Creating Deadlier Virus to Humans

The Type 052B destroyers CNS Guangzhou (168) and CNS Wuhan (169), and the Type 052C destroyer CNS Haikou (171) with ships of the China Coast Guard.
China’s Navy has the High Tech Warships and Weapons for World Patrols, says Chinese Expert

USS Carl Vinson.
USS Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group now Patrolling South China Sea

Falcon 9 rocket with AMOS-6 satellite explodes on the launch pad on Sept. 1, 2016.
SpaceX Postpones First Mars Mission to 2020 from 2018

Online Petition to Declare Trump Insane Snowballs; 25,000 Signatures so Far

Kyrie Irving believes the world is Flat and not round like a basketball.
NBA All Star Kyrie Irving says the Earth is Flat. What?

BrahMos battery.
New BrahMos Extended Range Cruise Missile will Reach Deep Inside Pakistan

The genius, Qian Xueshen.
New exhibition to Honor Qian Xueshen, the ‘Father of Chinese Rocketry’

USS Gerald R. Ford being towed.
USS Gerald R. Ford, the World's Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier, to Finally Start Sea Trials

U.S. Army M1A2SEPV2 Abrams main battle tanks arrive in Poland to deter Russia.
NATO has Enough Military Power to Deter Russian Invasion, says Stoltenberg

Prithvi Air Defense Interceptor (left) and the new Prithvi Defense Vehicle.
India Successfully Tests Prithvi Anti-Ballistic Missile Missile

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