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NASA's proposal for a Mars magnetic shield.
NASA Proposes Deploying Man-made Magnetic Shield to Make Mars Habitable

Revolutionary Guards' Navy fast attack boat closes the USNS Invincible.
US Navy Spy Ship Hounded by Iranian Fast-Attack Boats of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards' Navy

China's People's Armed Police strike fear in Xinjiang.
$720,000 Reward Offered to Informants for Intel on Muslim Uyghur Militants in China

South Korean K-9 self-propelled guns firing during a drill.
South Korea, US Hold Massive Military Exercise; China Notes Arrival of US Aircraft Carrier

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Iranians launch an S-300 SAM during the March 3 test.
Iran Tests Obsolete S-300 Missile System Bought from Russia

A THAAD battery.
Massive ‘Surgical Strike’ among 10 Countermeasures China can take against THAAD

MR-SAM ready to fire.
Indian Army Turns to Indian-Israeli MR-SAM as New Air Defense Weapon

Some of the Breakthrough Prize winners for 2016.
Breakthrough Prize, the World Richest Science Prize, now Accepting Nominations

Since labor unions are forbidden in China, Wu and other Longhua miners have taken to WeChat, a social media app, to organize and let their demands be heard.
China to Fire 2.3 Million Coal and Steel Workers in Two Years

Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant when completed (concept).
China Building 21 Nuclear Reactors to Boost National Power Supply

Sitting and working.
Study Finds Link between Sedentary Work and Risk of Heart Disease

ROC Navy Tuo Jiang corvette.
Taiwan Girds for Conflict; Steps-up Patrols of South China Sea

New Chinese IFV (bottom).
First Photos of New Chinese Infantry Fighting Vehicle Surface on Social Media

UAVs attaking a convoy.
US in Grave Danger from Easily Available Aerial Drones that can be Weaponized

Various types of aerial drones.
US Developing ‘Hard-Kill’ Technologies to Destroy Aerial Drones En Masse

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