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‘Mighty No. 9’s’ issues all his responsibility: Keiji Inafune

‘Mass Effect Andromeda’ story will not be affected by ‘Mass Effect 3’ ending choice by players

Bethesda and modders introduce the Teleport to Companion mod for
‘Fallout 4’ console mod support needs Steam-linked account logged in; Mods currently only support 900 MB

‘God of War’s’ son will be a competent AI partner; Game not called ‘God of War 4’ explained: Cory Barlog

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‘Gwent: The Witcher Card Game’ will be balanced, fair for all players: CD Projekt Red

Hosts of the Nintendo Treehouse Live event on E3 2016 try out the upcoming localized version of
‘Dragon Quest VII’ gets localized thanks to western fans

‘Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ biggest Nintendo game in history; Largest game development team: Eiji Aonuma

‘Resident Evil 7 Biohazard’ demo information found so far; Important information about new game revealed

‘NieR: Automata’ gets new gameplay trailer; Game delay explained: Square Enix

A mysterious woman, which seems to be wearing a mask, is running away from something that is chasing her.
‘Here They Lie’ coming exclusively to PS4, PlayStation VR

‘God of War’ revealed on E3 2016; Sequel set after third game, will not be open world

‘Resident Evil 7’ to be launched on consoles, PC, PlayStation VR; New sequel will have first person view: Capcom

Sony Entertainment reveals
‘The Last Guardian’ Collector’s Edition now available for preorder on Amazon

‘Ark: Survival Evolved’ update lets players breed, play as dinosaurs

Microsoft and Xbox Design Lab reveals the different possible combinations buyers could make with their new program.
Xbox One controller program that lets buyers design own version launched: Microsoft

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