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‘Kingdom Hearts 3’ important details revealed; ‘Final Fantasy’ worlds not featured: Tai Yasue

YouTuber RodneyDickson discusses the different steps of detecting and removing the HummingBad malware from a device running an Android mobile operating system.
HummingBad Malware risk high on devices running Android Jelly Bean, Kit Kat; Creators making lots of cash

‘Mafia 3’ important details revealed; Game will tackle racial prejudice, identity: Haden Blackman

Microsoft reveals the upcoming Xbox One S console, which will be slimmer compared to the original Xbox One console.
New Xbox One system software update details in Preview program revealed

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Two event goers try out the multiplayer shooter video game
‘Evolve’ ranks Top 20 on Steam after free to play decision; Game has at least 24,000 users enjoying it

CSGO Lotto founder and owner Trevor Martin gives non apology to the public for recent illegal gambling scandal.
‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ illegal gambling site owners sued

Insomniac Games' Spider-Man tackles a criminal in the nick of time before he commits a crime.
PS4 'Spider-Man,' 'Ratchet and Clank,' 'Song of the Deep' details revealed: Insomniac Games

YouTuber SteamBoy27 discusses and demonstrates the mysterious Poise stat issue, which its purpose is still unknown.
‘Dark Souls 3’ poise stat issue still not explained; Devs not proud of particular feature: From Software

Australian police gives ‘Pokemon Go’ tip to trainers; Popular mobile game information revealed

‘No Man’s Sky’ level up feature confirmed: Paul Weir

‘Just Cause 3’ multiplayer mod development progress going smoothly

Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Blizzard Entertainment for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.
Upcoming ‘Overwatch’ patch to fix issue with Competitive Mode; No details given on cause of problem

Nintendo reveals the three powerful forms of Pokemon Zygarde and their full powers.
‘Pokemon Sun, Moon’ video reveals Rockruff, Komala; New Pokemon revealed

‘Skullgirls’ gets mobile port with RPG, collectibles features

‘Watch Dogs 2’ driving physics to be better; Reason for San Francisco as new location

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