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PLA drills result in jet crashes in East China.
PLA Drills to Result in More Jet Crash, Say Analysts

The Global Times was blasted by China's Internet regulator for offensive content.
Internet Regulator Slams Global Times for Offensive Content

President Xi Jinping visited the United Kingdom in Oct. 2015.
Chinese Media Believes UK-China Ties Are 'Unscathed' in Light of Queen Elizabeth's 'Rude' Comment

A Chinese lesbian couple gives birth to twins after undergoing in vitro fertilization in the U.S.
Chinese Lesbian Couple Gives Birth to Twins via Surrogacy After China Ended the One-child Policy

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The Zika virus is strongly linked to primary microcephaly.
Chinese Researchers Find Link Between Zika Virus and Microcephaly

China's crackdown on human rights lawyers is a violation of basic rights, says Human Rights Watch.
China's Crackdown on Rights Lawyers a Violation of Human Rights: Human Rights Watch

U.S. lawmakers are wary of China's business
China's Business Shopping Spree Worries Americans

The Queen of England was filmed calling Chinese officials
Queen Elizabeth on Chinese Officials' 2015 Visit to UK: They Were Very Rude

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte
China Hopes to 'Meet Halfway' with New Philippine Government Under Duterte

Several employees of a military hospital in Beijing were punished after the death of 21-year-old computer science student Wei Zexi.
10 Chinese Military Hospital Staff Punished Amid College Student Death Scandal

President Xi Jinping first proposed his Belt and Road Initiative in 2013.
Chinese President Xi Jinping Clarifies Economic Policy Shift

U.S. files WTO complaint over excessive import tariff on chicken in China.
US Trade Department: China's Chicken Import Tariff Violates Trade Rules

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte
Sound Sino-Philippine Ties Will Be Beneficial to All: Xinhua

Taiwan’s new government receives
China to Taiwan's New Government: You May Lose WHO Observer Status; US Vows Support for the Island

China's stock markets remain volatile amid economic fears.
China's Anonymous 'Authoritative' Figure Reveals Economic Policy Shift

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