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The traditional sky burial has been practiced for thousands of years in Tibet.
Tibet to Invest in Sky Burial Sites

Banning foreign investments in online publishing services is aimed at protecting the nation's ideology and culture security.
Foreign Online Publishing No Longer Allowed in China

KFC has opened over 5,000 outlets in the Chinese mainland since it arrived in 1987.
KFC Becomes First Western Fast Food Giant in Tibet

Wang Shanshan celebrates China's lone goal against South Korea.
Chinese Women's Football Team Qualifies for 2016 Rio Olympics

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Vulgar and sexist banners were asked to be taken down at the South China Agriculture University.
Girls' Day Banners with Sexist Slogan Removed by Universities

New York City ex-police officer Peter Liang sits in court during his trial in Brooklyn Supreme Court in New York City, Feb. 10, 2016.
New Lawyers to Join Peter Liang for Appeal

Some schools are better than others, prompting parents to move near better schools.
School-district System Leads to Increase in Sale Price of Houses Near Good Schools

Hollywood remains one of the motivators to get Chinese tourists to visit Los Angeles.
Los Angeles Continues to Experience Influx of Chinese Tourists Despite China's Economic Slowdown

The SAPPRFT does not appreciate dramas that use sex scenes to attract viewers.
SAPPRFT Holds Annual ‘Drama Administration,’ Judges Moral Content of TV Shows

Judges cited lack of hard evidence as the reason domestic abuse divorces are difficult to rule on.
Married Women the Most Likely Victim of Domestic Abuse in Shanghai, Says Report

Several kinds of spaces, usually those that involve children, are already covered by the current smoking ban.
Shanghai Government Contemplates Stricter Smoking Law, Might Ban Smoking Indoors in Public Venues

Several of the child sex abuse cases reported to the media involved the teachers of the victims.
NGO Examines 340 Child Sex Abuse Cases, Finds 30 Percent Involve Repeat Abusers

The Zhongguancun National Demonstration Zone has several tech companies that employ expatriates.
Service Centers Open in Beijing to Help Expatriates Facilitate Permanent Residency

The two-child policy was implemented in January, allowing couples to have a second child.
High-school Students in Shanghai Conduct Survey to Report Siblings’ Sentiments About Second Child

The stolen Buddha head is displayed at the National Museum of China, the second most visited museum in the world, next only to the Louvre in Paris, France.
Stolen Buddha Head Displayed at Museum of China in Beijing

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