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Chinese audience watching a 3D movie
3D Peking Opera Films Rule Beijing Film Fest

To promote frugality, the government auctioned cars previously assigned to different agencies and officials, who were instead given transportation allowances based on their ranks.
Frugality Bid Slashes Budget Anew

Chinese lightweight drones are conquering the U.S. commercial market from real estate to filmmaking businesses.
China Drones Rule U.S. Commercial Airspace got its license rebuked for publishing content which the government deemed pornographic.
Chinese Government Showcases Porn Crackdown

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More Chinese mobile users are subscribing to the 4G technology.
Chinese Telecoms Pioneer Vehicular 4G Internet

The National People's Coalition's approval of the new amendment to Administrative Procedure Law empowers private citizens to sue the government.
Power to the People: Newly Amended Law Says Government Can Be Sued

As international films target China as the next big audience, filmmakers are getting careful not to offend the Chinese audience.
China Set to Be the Next Hollywood

China's lack of clean toilets has long been a nightmare for tourists.
Tourism’s Toilet Salvation

Canadian doctor Norman Bethune who sacrificed his life for the Chinese revolution was  among those honored during last Sunday's Tomb Sweeping Day.
Tomb Sweeping Day Marks the Occasion of Honoring Martyrs

As modernization creeps in, age-long heritage is fading fast.
Tiny and Isolated Minority Welcomes Civilization

Jim Parsons play Sheldon in
Unlicensed Shows to Be Streamed No More

Another collection of Bruce Lee memorabilia will be displayed at the Hong Kong Heritage Museum.
Bruce Lee’s Estate to Stop 'Ip Man 3' References

Following a trending among Hollywood celebrities, Firth visits China to promote his movie,
Colin Firth’s Visit Boosts 'Kingsman’s' Box-Office Performance

An expert opines that China's Rape Law is outdated and must be modified to include male victims of sexual assault.
Men Can Be Raped Too: Expert Urges Government to Recognize Male Rape

Jackie Chan will star in
Jackie Chan Gearing for India-China Co-Production 'Kung-Fu Yoga'

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