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A hand-rolled marijuana cigarette with design is being smoked by a cannabis user.
Marijuana legalization under Donald Trump administration to boost cannabis industry

Upcoming Best Smartphone 2017 (OFFICIAL DESIGN)
iPhone 8 rumors: Augmented reality, Apple 11 processor, OIS mechanism incorporated in NextGen phone

'Clash of Clans' battling 'Pokemon Go'.
'Clash of Clans' news: Year-end patch intended to rival 'Pokemon Go' updates; Supercell unleashing its ace for survival

AMD and Intel logos are both displayed together for better selection.
AMD Zen full details release at CES 2017; Zen CPUs another gamble after Bulldozer, SeaMicro failure

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One of the 10 People Who Died While Taking Selfies.
Death by selfie latest news: India No. 1 on 'Killfie'; Safety app being developed for ‘Pokemon Go’ players

Donald Trump calling Putin.
Nostradamus Predictions, Baba Vanga Prophecy: Either Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin the ‘Antichrist’; US, Russia, or China to bring end-times?

An expert scans sample displayed on the monitor.
HIV, AIDS Cure updates: High school student discovered vaccine; 2 people already cured

Sanji of
‘One Piece’ Chapter 846 Discussions, News & Updates: New arc after Totto Land confirmed?; US movie release set for January 2017

President Duterte speaks to the media and his people.
Duterte to follow Vladmir Putin, PH exiting from ICC after Russia?; Tribunal delegate awaiting orders

Pokemon Go Trade, Global Launch, PVP and GO+.
'Pokemon Go' Gen 2 update: PVP battles, 'Team Rocket' inclusion confirmed?; Spawning period increased for better catch

Apple AirPods being displayed.
Apple AirPods news & update: 2017 release hints flaws on device?; wireless alternatives introduced

An image icon from Anonymous YouTube Channel.
Anonymous forewarns Donald Trump, foretells of a WW3; Impeachment awaits upcoming POTUS

Shigeru Miyamoto, creative fellow at Nintendo and creator of Super Mario, speaks on stage during an Apple launch event on September 7, 2016 in San Francisco, California.
‘Super Mario Run’ app store release date, news & updates: One-time payment required to enjoy game's three modes; ‘Mario’ game Android version expected in 2017

Kickass Torrents owner arrested in Poland on U.S. charges.
Kickass Torrents lawsuit heading jury trial, torrent sites guilty of conspiracy to commit copyright infringement; KAT owner facing a year in federal prison?

AMD Zen - A First Look.
AMD Zen Based Naples SiSoftware benchmark test leaked; Mini-ITX motherboard for AM4 socket confirmed [Photo]

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