Sunday, 16th, 2019 | 7:39AM Updated

Obama removes Cuba from US Terrorism Sponsor List
Cuba Welcomes Removal From US Terrorism Sponsor List

SpaceX postpones Dragon launch
SpaceX Postpones Dragon Launch Due to Bad Weather

China called out for cyber spying
China Accused of Decade-Long Cyber Espionage Campaign

Oklahoma Reserve Deputy Robert Bates (left); Eric Harris (right)
Oklahoma Reserve Deputy Mistakes Gun For Taser Kills Suspect

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Brazilian protesters march against corruption
Brazilians Take To The Streets Again To Oust Their Leader

Student killed, 141 injured in Kenya university stampede
Kenya University Stampede: 1 Killed, 141 Injured

US Capitol Lockdown
U.S. Capitol Shooting Deemed Suicide; Lockdown Lifted After 2 Hours

Kenya university attack
Kenyan Government Gives UN 3 Months to Relocate Refugees

Three Injured in Kabul Suicide Car Bombing That Targeted Foreign Troops
Roadside Suicide Bombings Kill 15 Afghan Civilians

China plans to dig deeper underground to tap into more resources.
China Draws Out Detailed Defense Plan On Reclaiming South China Sea

Kenyan security officials
Kenyan Government Launches Airstrikes Against Al-Shabaab in Response to the Attacks

A woman reacts after seeing her son who was rescued from the Garissa University attack
Kenyan Government Names The Attacks Mastermind; Survivor Hid Herself in the Closet for Two Days

Obama promises his visit in Kenya will push through despite terrorist attacks

Kenya university attack
Al-Shabaab Militants: Terrorizing Kenya Is Far From Over

FBI confirms Malaysian terrorist Marwan dead
FBI Confirms Malaysian Most Wanted Terrorist Marwan Dead

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