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One of China's problems is road congestion and loosely implemented traffic regulations.
Eastern China Bus Accident Leaves 11 Students Dead

During solar eclipses, the Sun’s corona can be fairly visible.
Solar Eclipse Piques Interest of Team of Chinese Telescope Enthusiasts

One Belt, One Road trade route
New Silk Road Across Asia to Europe Raises Uncertainties

Nancy Pelosi, former House Minority Leader and now Democratic Leader, led the bipartisan delegation to India.
US Lawmakers Discuss Dalai Lama Issue on Visit to India

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Genetic engineering
New Solution to Pest Resistance to GM Cotton Discovered by Chinese, US Scientists

Asteroid Lutetia
Chinese Scientists Explore the Possibility of Mining Asteroids

Labeled as the Internet Plus policy, the new service delivery will cover various aspects of government work.
Civic Services Make Bold Step into the Future, Go Virtual, Cashless

Emmanuel Macron, New French President
Result of French Presidential Election Bodes Well for China

With its expansion to a
Palace Museum Treasures Up for Sale

Face-to-face: Tourists gather near the bust of a young Mao Zedong and his wind-blown hair in Orange Isle in Changsha, Hunan Province. The isle loses its 5A tourist attraction rating this month.
In Changsha, Symbol for Christianity Coexists with Mao Landmarks

Part of the efforts is to move some people from one-story hutong houses in the districts of Xicheng and Dongcheng as a means to avoid further damage to architecture.
With More Beijing Hutongs Demolished, Migrant Workers Feel Targeted

Taiwan Tech Companies' Revenues Decreased
Taiwan Wants to Maintain Friendly Ties with China

The United States is host to approximately 329,000 Chinese students.
American University Receives Backlash for Inviting the Dalai Lama

Carrie Lam wins the Hong Kong elections.
China Tells Foreign Groups Not to Interfere with HK Affairs

A television report about North Korea's missile launch is broadcast at the Seoul Railway Station on April 1, 2016 in Seoul, South Korea.
Beijing Remains a Friend to Pyongyang Despite KCNA Issue

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