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Political education is a key part of government policy, and it is quite rare for a government body to admit difficulties in enforcing such laws.
Chinese University Students Receive Poor Political Education

It all started by removing Korean celebrities from TV commercials, reality programs and dramas in China.
Boycott of Korean Culture in China Intensifies Due to THAAD Row

Tulou earth buildings are often connected to the Hakka ethnic group.
Wonders of Xiamen City’s Tulou Earth Buildings

The conflict between the groups threatens the peace Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi has promised minorities living in that region of the country.
Myanmar Clashes Send 20,000 Refugees to China

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Although many experts see that automation is the key to increased productivity in the 21st century, they also note that the introduction of robots might threaten social stability.
Rise of the Machines: Robots in Chinese Workplace

Giants of the global automotive industry have also taken note of Chinese firms’ great potential and growing expertise in car-making.
Global Car Firms Excited About Chinese Carmakers’ Potential

Women have made a mark in China’s winter sports world for having earned a number of gold medals and achievements.
Women Are a Bright Spot in China’s Winter Sports World

Aside from talking about their ambitions, Wang and Xi bonded over books, which were considered a special commodity during the Cultural Revolution.
Kangping Village: Birthplace of the Xi-Wang Partnership

In the “Made in China 2025” program, the Chinese government will give out large, low-interest loans and research subsidies.
Western Businesses Worry China’s High-Tech Industries Will Take Over

China’s sports industry currently relies heavily on manufacturing sports equipment and sportswear.
China’s Sports Industry Focuses on Fun and Fitness

What the study found out about turtle population trends reflects the poor situation of wildlife conservation areas in China.
Rampant Turtle Poaching in China Reflects Nature Woes

Chinese football teams are primarily driven by President Xi Jinping, an avid fan of soccer.
Chinese Football Clubs Poised for World Domination

Chinese society is known to be conservative when it comes to such topics, and the new sex-ed textbook is challenging people to talk about sex and homosexuality openly.
New Sex Education Textbook Hotly Debated in China

China currently has a number of world-class universities, most of which have invested a significant amount of money for research and development.
Chinese Universities Have Plenty to Gain from Trump’s Policies, Says Scholar

President Xi to become more focused on economic overhaul during his second term.
China’s Efforts at Economic Reform Under Xi Jinping Leadership

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