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Apple iPhone 6
iPhone 6S Release Soon As iPhone 6 Discounts Surface

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6 Active US Release Update: AT&T Offers Handset Exclusively

Caitlyn Jenner, Former Bruce Jenner, Made Her Public Debut On The Cover Of Vanity Fair
The Amazing Re-Birth Of Bruce Jenner: ‘I Am Cait’, Vanity Fair Current Cover

IT Worker
United States IT Industry Plans To Raise The Cap For More H-1B Visas: Silicon Valley Is In Need

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U.S. President Barack Obama
H-4 Visa Holders Can Now Apply For Employment In The United States

A logo of Takata Corp is seen through a car window outside the company's headquarter building in Tokyo.
Takata Airbags Replacement Will Take Months As Advised By National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NTSA)

Male Mosquito
Gender Modification Is The Key To Eliminate Female Mosquitoes Carrying Dengue Virus

Coke Can
Coca-Cola Company Posts Its First Quarterly Sales Output In 2 Years

Pepsi For Hispanics: Naturally Flavored Pepsi Limon Has Real Mexican Lime Juice, Sugar

Game of Thrones
HBO Is Sending Infringement Warning To Torrent Users For Downloading ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 5 Episodes Leak

Sony Xperia Z4
Sony Launches Xperia Z4 On Japanese Website: 5.2 Inch Full HD Display With Snapdragon 810

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015
Microsoft Windows 10 To Launch By July According To AMD Chief

Toyota just extended its investment to Silicon Valley.
Toyota Plans To Unveil 2 Hybrid Cars In China On Second Half Of This Year

BMW has announced plans to expand its production capacity and introduce three new car models to the Chinese market in a bid to attract middle-class buyers.
BMW Starts Recall Of 92,000 Mini Coopers In North America To Replace Faulty Air Bags

Nina Ricci Heiress Arlette Ricci Convicted For Tax Fraud: Hides Millions In An Offshore HSBC Swiss Bank

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