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IBM announces 7 nanometre chip, hails it as world's first
IBM Beats Intel In Announcing World's First 7 Nanometre Chip

Apple targetting a record 90 million iPhone 7 sales by the end of this year
iPhone 7: Apple Targeting 80-90 Million Units Initial Production, Will Be Thicker To Allow For Force Touch Tech

Wendiceratops pinhornensis is the latest dinosaur discovered, one that features forward curling horns on its head frill
Wendiceratops pinhornensis: Newest Dinosaur Discovered Likely To Explain Evolution Of Horned Dinosaurs

Volvo showcases new baby seat for enhanced safety and security
Volvo Takes Kids' Safety To New Heights, Showcases Customised XC90 SUV Featuring Innovative Baby Seat

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Microsoft HoloLens is set to aid in various fields such as medicine and constructions.
Micorosoft Looking For Innovative Ways Its HoloLens Can be Put To Use

Novartis wins FDA approval for new heart drug Entresto
Novartis Wins FDA Approval For New Wonder Drug Entresto Which Promises Better Days For Heart Patients

New Hero 4 Session From GoPro
New Hero 4 Session Is The Most Compact, User-Friendly Camera From GoPro So Far

iPod in new color options
Apple Could be Launching iPod With New Color Options

Latest image sent by New Horizons
New Horizons Gearing Up For A 'Busy' Flyby Of Pluto Next Week, Here Is What It Will Be Upto

Galaxy Note 5 likely for a Sept launch
Will Samsung Note 5 Continue To Be As Productivity Oriented As Its Predecessors? Experts Weigh In

Google Photos and Apple Music both run into early launch issues
Apple Music, Google Photos: 2 Of The Latest Blunders From Respective Companies

Dark spots on Pluto's surface baffle scientists
Images From NASA's New Horizon Probe Reveal Mysterious Dark Spots Along Pluto's Equator

Google Chrome betas Firefox comprehensively but records half the market share as that of IE
Chrome Prepares For Big Battle With Microsoft Edge, Records Market Share Half That Of Internet Explorer In June

Liquid nicotine pose danger to minors
FDA Seeking User Report On Liquid Nicotine In View Of Increased Incidents Of Nicotine Poisoning Among Infants And Children

Apple found guilty in e-book price fixing case
Apple Ruled Guilty In eBook Price Fixing Case

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