Monday, 22nd, 2018 | 12:10PM Updated

All-Way Car Tire
Omni-directional car wheel moves vehicle sideways, could end parallel parking

Amazon Echo
Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant can now order millions of products through voice commands

BMW Self-Driving Car
BMW, Intel team up to launch fully-autonomous robot taxis by 2021

Google Headquarters
Google Search results now include earthquake information after quake strikes

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Apple Phone Camera-Blocking Patent
Apple’s patent would block phone cameras from capturing photos, video at concerts

HTC Vive
HTC to spin off Vive VR division into new subsidiary: Report

US is ready to handover the internet's domain naming system to ICANN.
Google’s gigantic trans-Pacific Internet cable goes live on June 30

Facebook Logo
Facebook update: News Feed now prioritizes posts from friends and family

Rolls Royce Autonomous Ship
Rolls-Royce tests crewless self-driving cargo ships in marine conditions

Google Project Bloks
Google’s toy block system makes learning how to code fun for kids, affordable for parents

Keychain Breathalyzer
SCOTUS ruling: Supreme Court decides warrant unnecessary for drunk-driving breathalyzer tests, required for blood tests

The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild
Next Legend of Zelda title after Breath of the Wild could be multiplayer game: Report

Internet of Things
Internet of Things: Germany has bigger plans than US for IoT solutions: Survey

Volkswagen to pay over $10B for US settlement after diesel emissions scandal: Reports

Xiaomi FoldableElectric Bike
Xiaomi’s foldable electric bike takes on competition with $450 price

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