Tuesday, 25th, 2018 | 1:23AM Updated

Facebook Logo
Facebook denies spying via smartphone mics to customize News Feeds, ads

Periscope App
Twitter rolls out live-streaming Periscope button to some iOS users

Google Self-Driving Car
Google teaches autonomous cars how to honk horn like patient drivers

Google Magenta Logo
Google’s art machine composes its first song from 4 notes

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Apple Watch
WWDC 2016: Apple Watch 2 release date, price, spec rumors

NBA Fit App
NBA’s fitness sap shares innovative training tips of superstars, trainers

Xiaomi Smartphone
Xiaomi buys Microsoft patents, to bundle apps on Android smartphones

Myspace Logo
Myspace account hack could be all-time largest security breach

Adblock Browser Logo
Mobile ad blocking doubled globally in 2015, skyrocketed in Asia: Report

Sirin Labs’ Solarin
Sirin Labs’ Solarin is super-secure Android phone with $16K price

Google Self-Driving Car
Self-driving cars could transform advertising through mobile apps, smart billboards

Gear VR Controller (Leaked Render)
Samsung’s Gear VR controller reportedly shows up in leaked renders

Asus Zenbo Robot
Asus’ new home robot can read children’s stories, monitor elderly

Apple iPhone
Apple faces Caltech lawsuit over patented Wi-Fi tech allegedly used in iPhone, iPad chips

Pong Table
Real-world ‘Pong’ could be more immersive than original video game

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