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Chevrolet Bolt
Chevrolet Bolt: GM commences production of 238-mile range EV, takes on Tesla

Pokemon Go Nearby Feature
Pokémon Go: 'Nearby' tracking feature to get wider rollout: Niantic

Google Home can be connected to more devices than Amazon Echo but Echo has more features and a cheaper version in Echo Dot.
Google Home vs. Amazon Echo: Smart speakers battle in IoT showdown

'StarCraft II
Google DeepMind, Blizzard collaborate to beat ‘Starcraft II’ with new AI

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MacBook Pro
Apple clarifies why new MacBook Pro is missing SD card reader

Steam Halloween Sale 2016
Steam’s big Halloween sale features horror-themed games including ‘Resident Evil 5’

PS4 Pro
PS4 Pro news & update: Sony’s old-school ad features upgraded PS4 with boosted GPU, 4K

Microsoft VR Headset
Microsoft announces new $299 VR headset with innovative HoloLens tech

Tesla Model S
Tesla to send EV in Autopilot mode on coast-to-coast road trip

iPhone 7 Launch in China
China’s Apple App Store passes US iOS revenue by 15%, demolishes records

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch: Facts, guesses surround ‘NX’ hybrid console’s processor, GPU

Microsoft's Cortana Digital Assistant
Microsoft claims its AI voice recognition is as precise as human ears

Samsung Chromebook Pro Sever(leaked image)
Samsung Chromebook Pro: Leaked premium laptop is OS-powered hybrid with touchscreen, digital pen

Apple Watch Nike+
Apple Watch 2: Nike Plus smartwatch with running app, GPS hits stores October 28

Anki Cozmo
Anki Cozmo: Cute ‘WALL-E’-like robot shows AI’s practicality in modern world

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