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Sony DualShock 4 USB Adapter
PS4 update: Sony introduces USB adapter to use PS4 controller on PCs, resolve Bluetooth issues

Analogue Nt Mini
NES emulator: Analogue’s Nt Mini console offers full HD for classic 8-bit games

 Sony is set to Patch PS4 games to allow 4K and HDR gaming.
PS4 update: PlayStation 4 ‘Slim’ photos presumably leaked on online auction listing

'Bomberman Live: Battlefest'
Xbox One backwards compatibility: Microsoft adds next Xbox 360 title to classic game library

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Robot Phone
Google, Apple, and Samsung join forces with telecom giants to foil robocalls

Intel's AR/VR Headset
IDF 2016: Intel‘s new tech includes smartphone chips, AR/VR headsets, and drones

Best Buy Sign
Best Buy deals to celebrate 50th birthday include iPhones, MacBook Pros, and Samsung UHD TVs

Apple iPhone
iPhone 7 update: Intel promotes USB-C port as Apple set to drop iPhone headphone jack

QUESS Spacecraft
China launches world’s first quantum communications satellite to develop hack-proof tech

Google Fiber Truck
Google Fiber plans pivot from cables to wireless for super-fast, cheap Internet

Nissan GT-R
Nissan’s new gasoline engine could boost fuel efficiency, end diesel

N64's 'GoldenEye 007'
Nintendo 64: ‘GoldenEye 007’ fan remake with multiplayer modes, HD graphics made with Valve engine

Google Fuchsia OS
Google Fuchsia: New non-Linux operating system could merge Android, Chrome OS

AdBlock Logo
Facebook thwarts Adblock Plus workaround to show News Feed ads

Karma's Revero Solar Car
Green car news: Karma’s $115K solar-electric hybrid could challenge Tesla EVs

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