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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Chinese President Xi Jingping meet at the G20 Summit.
China’s Billionaires Club to Visit Canada to Meet PM Trudeau

President Xi Jinping calls leaders to action in the G20 Summit.
Xi Jinping to G20 Summit Leaders: Real Action Urged, No More ‘Empty Talk’

Hillary Clinton is very vocal with her criticism on China's cybersecurity laws.
Foreign Groups Urge China to Revise Its Cyber Laws to Foster International Cooperation

The workshop is a prelude to the G20 Summit to be hosted by China.
Workshop Directs G20 Summit Focus on Co-op Investments

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Xi outlined some of the preparations China will make for the upcoming summit, including innovation in growth patterns and improvement of international trade and investment.
2016 G20 Summit to Be Held in Hangzhou

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