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USS Gerald R. Ford being towed.
USS Gerald R. Ford, the World's Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier, to Finally Start Sea Trials

China's first domestically developed electrically powered light sport aircraft (Ruixiang - (RX1E) is displayed during a delivery ceremony at Faku Caihu airport on June 18, 2015 in Shenyang, Liaoning province of China.
U.S. on China's aircraft carrier: No problem with Liaoning sailing through South China Sea

China Deploys First Aircraft Carrier to the Western Pacific

Liaoning launches a J-15.
China Will Use Steam Catapults on Shandong, its Second Aircraft Carrier

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Installation of the Shandong's island.
‘Shandong,’ China’s Second Aircraft Carrier, will become PLAN Flagship

A J-15 takes-off from the Liaoning
China’s Lone Aircraft Carrier Liaoning Hyped as Combat Ready by Media

China eyes to be an aircraft carrier superpower.
Aircraft Carrier Pilots on Death of Colleague: 'We Will Not Stop Trying After This Accident'

USS John C. Stennis, which now patrols Asia.
China Hits Back at US for ‘Blowhard Performance’ After HK Port Snub

The naval vessels are continually seen as a form of China's power display in the South China Sea region.
China Unveils the New M1 Amphibious Assault Ship

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