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UFO Sightings and Alien News: UFO and baby Alien allegedly found in California
UFO Sightings and Alien News: UFO and Baby Alien Allegedly Found in California[Photos]

Houston UFO
California ‘UFO’ Sighting Was Just Government Missile Tests

Ridley Scott Reveals 'Prometheus 2' Title and Says It Will Be Connected to Alien franchise.
WATCH NOW: Director Ridley Scott Reveals 'Prometheus 2' Title

NASA confirmed that the fireball that streaked over Louisiana to Virginia Monday night is not a meteor but just space junk.
UFO Trackers Claim July 31 Meteor Hit Was Shooting Of Alien Spacecraft

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'Alien 2' Film Update: Neill Blomkamp's Film To Push After Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus 2'?

Mars, the Red Planet
Alien Life Form Will Be Found Or Extraterrestrials Will Spot Humans Soon – NASA

New Horizon
Alien News: One Earth Message May Send 150 Megabyte Of Data To Aliens Via NASA Pluto Probe

'Avatar' 2,3,4 Release Date And Rumours, 'Avatar 5' Also Possible- Get All Details

Avengers: Age of Ultron
After 'Avengers: Age of Ultron,' Gear Up For Double Instalment Of 'Avengers 3: Infinity War'- Release Date, Plot, Villian And Race For Infinity Gems

Study Of 100, 000 Galaxies Reveal No Evidences Of Alien-Life, Says Scientists

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