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Alipay Creates a Merger with HelloPay
China’s Alipay Will Soon Be Enjoyed by Other Asian Mobile Payment Users

Digital Payment through Paytm
Alibaba’s $200 Million New Funding to Boost Paytm’s E-commerce Business

A combination of a strong startup culture and innovative funding mechanisms have led China's fintech industry to grow by leaps and bounds.
China’s Fintech Efforts Grow by Leaps and Bounds

WeChat Handles 14.2 Billion Digital Hongbao on Lunar New Year’s Eve

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Alipay mobile app
Alipay Circles Hijacked with Soft Pornography

A man with a smartphone stands beside an advertisement for Alipay in a Hong Kong store.
Alipay Presents New Challenge to Tencent’s WeChat

Alipay Works In Beijing's Hospitals
Chinese Netizens Accuse Alipay of Helping Female Prostitutes Sell Sex Services

Online retailers want to shift to virtual reality.
Alibaba Launches Payments via Virtual Reality; eBay Starts VR Department Store

Jack Ma wants to help small businessmen in Thailand.
Jack Ma and Alibaba Willing to Support Thai Small Businesses Through E-commerce

Dan Schulman is PayPal's CEO.
PayPal’s Profits Surge Due to Chinese E-commerce Boom

Center of attraction: This photo taken on Sept. 25, 2016, shows a huge “flower basket” decoration resting on Tiananmen Square, aiming to charm tourists celebrating the National Day on Oct. 1.
Nearly 600 Million Tourists, Over 480 Billion Yuan in Profits: ‘Golden’ Holiday Retains Luster

Alipay is widening its global reach.
Alibaba’s Single's Day to Be a Great Success; Ant Financial Anticipates Bigger Sales

Li Yanhong is Baidu's CEO.
Internet Companies Alibaba and Baidu Step Up for Users’ Security Online

A customer tries to use Alipay payment service on a tablet.
Alipay to Launch Payment Services in HK with 8,000 Local Merchants

A clothes shop in Lijiang, Yunnan Province, displays a signboard telling customers that it accepts payments through Alipay.
Alibaba Using Subtle Strategy to Gain US Presence Through Alipay

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