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The massive fissure on the Larsen C Shelf.
Huge Portion of Larsen C Ice Shelf in Antarctica is About to Break-off and Become an Iceberg

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory as seen in the South Pole of Antarctica, which is an observatory for neutrino detection.
Scientists find no evidence of sterile neutrinos; Hypothesized particle does not exist

Team members have a meal aboard the icebreaker Xuelong on Nov 8, 2015.
Shipping Chinese Experts for Miles Down South: What's Inside Icebreaker Xuelong?

The Aurora Australis has been Australia's icebreaker since 1989.
China and Australia Sign Cooperation Agreement for Antarctic Sea-ice Data Sharing

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A new NASA study says that Antarctica is overall accumulating ice. Still, areas of the continent, like the Antarctic Peninsula photographed above, have increased their mass loss in the last decades
NASA: Antarctic Ice Levels Gaining More Than Losing Ice

UFO Antarctica
Russian Shares Google Maps Coordinates Of South Pole Spot Where UFO Allegedly Crashed

The Southern Antarctic Peninsula has been losing ice since 2009.
The Entire Antarctica Will Melt If All the World's Fossil Fuels Burned

Phytoplankton found in the Southern Ocean create cloud formations, causing cooler temperatures.
How Marine Planktons Brighten Clouds and Cool the Planet

The Southern Antarctic Peninsula has been losing ice since 2009.
Southern Antarctic Peninsula Disappearing? Ice Sheets and Glaciers Melting Faster

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