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Alibaba's Jack Ma
Alibaba's Jack Ma Warns of the Internet Bringing Decades of Pain

Baidu Driverless Cars
Baidu’s Self-Driving Car To Be Tested in Simple Urban Environment in July

Samsung's Galaxy A3 (2017) model might finally receive its OS upgrade to Android Nougat soon after the smartphone has been spotted on a benchmarking website.
Samsung Subsidiary Teams Up with Baidu to Develop In-Car AI

Xinhua Net
Xinhua-Alibaba Partnership to Transform Xinhua Net

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Baidu's AI Research
Artificial Intelligence: China Reports Progress Made in AI Applications

Alibaba's AI Robot
AI-Enabled Machines Can Do What People Can’t Do, Alibaba’s Jack Ma Says

Robots on Display at a Trade Show
Geek Culture Could Teach Americans About Chinese Technology, Says Technopreneur

The fast fashion industry is one of the major pollutants in the world.
Virtual Reality Shopping and AI Merge Fashion and Tech in China

An artificial intelligence robot writes Chinese calligraphy on Jan. 16, 2017 in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province of China. Hangzhou is one of three recipients of $10 million AI centers from the agreement.
China and Israel Sign $10 Million Deal for AI Centers

People's Liberation Army in Training
Artificial Intelligence: Battleground for Next China-US Arms Race?

AI-driven DevBot racing cars race in Argentina.
First Championship for AI-driven Racing Cars to Launch in Hong Kong in October

Libratus, an AI-powered robot made by Carnegie Mellon University scientists, was the first of its kind to beat humans in poker.
Machine over Humans: AI Robots Beat Poker Players

Qing Mang, an AI-powered reading app, is heavily touted as “the next killer app” that can change China's content distribution landscape.
Reading Through Choices: Can AI-Powered Reader App ‘Qing Mang’ Capture Readers’ Interest?

Yuvan Noah Harari speculates that both AI and biotech may become inseparable from humans in the future.
Historian Claims Using AI, Biotech Innovations Can Alter Humankind’s Course

China's investment in artificial intelligence (AI) takes a step forward with Sinovation Ventures's move to name new officials.
Chinese Investment in AI Startups Accelerates as Sinovation Ventures Names New Experts

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