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Baidu CEO Robin Li says China should attract foreign talent that Trump does not want in the U.S.
Tech Billionaire Robin Li Invites Immigrants, Those Affected by Trump's Policies, to Work in China

Lu Qi previously served as vice president at Microsoft and led the company's search engine division.
Former Microsoft Exec Lu Qi Appointed Vice Chair of Baidu’s Board

China's Baidu CEO Robin Li (L) and Microsoft founder Bill Gates at a press conference in Beijing.
Baidu Shuts Down Mobile Healthcare Unit to Focus on AI-Enabled Healthcare Services

Qi Lu speaks during a keynote session at the Microsoft Developers Build Conference in San Francisco, California.
Baidu's New President Tasked to Handle Day-to-Day Management, Push for AI

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Robin Li is Baidu's CEO.
Baidu Faces Controversy Over Death of Cancer Victim; Family to Sue

Baidu's home page. New regulations on internet advertising are expected to affect the Chinese search engine giant's revenues.
China's New Search Results Tax Rules Likely to Hit Baidu, Alibaba

Baidu has blocked commercial firms on its medical-related fora.
Baidu Ends Medical Sector Relationship Over Fake Advertising Complaints

A visitor walks past the lobby of Baidu headquarters in Beijing.
Baidu to Buy Back Shares Worth $1 Billion

The name Baidu was derived from the title of a poem written 800 years ago. It means
Online Marketing Services Bring More Money to Search Engine Baidu

The name Baidu was derived from the title of a poem written 800 years ago. It means
Baidu and Huawei to Develop Wireless Indoor Positioning Technologies

A man using a computer at an Internet cafe in China's Shanxi Province.
‘Duang’ Goes Viral Across China Thanks to Jackie Chan--But It Is Not His Fault

Distance running is fast becoming a popular activity in China, as domestic races are attracting an ever-increasing number of competitors.
Results from Baidu’s Tracking of World’s Largest Holiday Movement

Baidu and Soho are currently considering a major tie-up that will make real estate selling possible via the Internet.
Baidu Revenue Rises 48 Percent But Falls Short of Market Expectations

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