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The human medial (reward-related, OFC13) and lateral (non-reward-related, OFC47/12) orbitofrontal cortex networks that show different functional connectivity in patients with depression.
Depression's Physical Source in the Brain Discovered; Opens Door to New Treatments

Ceberal cortex is the brain's language center that helps us read and understand words in our minds
Mind Reading: New semantic brain atlas could help say words without voicing them

Chinese scientists have develop a mind-controlled robotic suit.
Chinese Scientists Turn Iron Man Suit into Reality

Yamini Karanam
Los Angeles Doctors Find And Remove Embryo From Brain Of 26-Year-Old Woman

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Tylenol found dimmming emotional pain as well
Tylenol Has a Dimming Effects on Emotional Pain Too

Teens Now Favoring E-Cigarettes, Hookahs: FDA Sounds Warning

PET Scan
PET Scan Paves Way For Early CTE Detection, Possible Treatments

Japanese Create Brain Compass That Makes Blind Rats 'See' Like Daredevil

An old woman picks a rose from a farm in Bulgaria.
Physical Activity, Brain Damages Correlated; Older People May Keep Off Mobility Problems By Daily Exercise: Study

Scientists Discover Gene That Determines The Size Of Our Brains

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