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UCAS and NTU Singapore’s research agreement will cover a timespan of five years.
Hibernation as part of cancer cure

Guy blowing vapor.
E-Cigarettes are Safer than Smoking, Claims Long-Term Study

Psychedelic Science: Magic Mushrooms
Anxious cancer patients consoled by magic mushrooms

What happens at your MOBILE UNIT breast screening appointment?
Cancer treatment update: Prostate, breast cancer breakthroughs recently discovered by experts

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Michael Buble
Michael Buble’s Three-Year-Old Son Noah Battles Cancer

Tumor growth in the xenograft bladder cancer model was monitored using a bioluminescence imaging system. Forty-five days after inoculation, metastatic tumors were detected in the lungs, liver and bone.
Little-used Cold Medicine has the Potential to Help Stop Cancer Spread

Undergoing Traditional Cupping Treatment In Hong Kong
Was it Vanity that Motivated Dead Chinese Actress Kitty Xu Ting not to Undergo Chemotherapy?

Brain cancer cells
Cancer Death Rates among Kids and Teens in the US Falls; Brain Cancer Now Most Common Cause of Cancer Death in Kids

Pictures from Xu Ting's Sina Weibo social media account show the aftermath of a cupping session.
Chinese actress dies of cancer after opting for traditional medicine instead of chemotherapy

Kitty Xu Ting
Chinese Actress Kitty Xu Ting Dies from Cancer after Rejecting Chemotherapy

Special School Helps Teen Combat Childhood Obesity
Obesity helps patients with kidney cancer survive

The substitute aims to stem the overharvesting of the caterpillar fungus and endangered species found only in select areas of the Tibetan plateau.
Scientists Discover Substitute for Cancer-killing Tibetan Herb

Céline Dion delivers emotional performance for Stand Up to Cancer
Céline Dion pays tribute to late husband in emotional stand up to cancer performance

Zhang Wenliang Sex Doll
70-Year-Old Chinese Man Dates Sex Doll Who He Thinks has Soul of Dead Wife

A young cancer patient. A new research by Chinese scientists could potentially provide a cure for such and other diseases.
Chinese Scientists Uncover Potential Cure for Cancer, HIV, Hepa B

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