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A new and more accurate DNA testing technique has been developed by Chinese scientists.
China Discovers New Technique in Disease Detection and Breakthroughs in Cancer Research

Research Into Cancer Conducted At The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
New research on cell phone use causing cancers raises more questions?

The 2016 Peace, Love & A Cure Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation Benefit is held on May 15, 2016 in Alpine, New Jersey.
Breast cancer risk: Fatty foods during teen years make breasts dense, increases cancer risk

mammogram machine
Breast Cancer Screening Mammograms Find Early-Stage Tumors, Don’t Prevent Deaths: Study

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The technology, called
Skin Cancer News: High Citrus Fruit Intake Boosts Melanoma Risks: Study

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Parkinson’s Disease Increases Risk Of 16 Types Of Cancer: Study

cancer cells
Cancer Cure News: Personalized Medicine Stops Disease Spreading, Protects Healthy Cells

aspirin pills
Taking Aspirin Daily Slows Breast Cancer Growth By Nearly 50%: Study

breast cancer cells
Cancer Cure News: Discovery Of Enzyme-Sending Tumors Could Lead To Breast Cancer Treatments

Having too much or too little iodized salt can be harmful, but it does not cause thyroid cancer.
Health Authorities Confirm No Relation of Iodized Salt to Thyroid Cancer

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Soft Drinks Ingredients Causing Cancer Identified By Scientists In U.S.

Marvel Comics Hero Exec Lends Helping Hand To Cancer Research

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