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UCAS and NTU Singapore’s research agreement will cover a timespan of five years.
Hibernation as part of cancer cure

What happens at your MOBILE UNIT breast screening appointment?
Cancer treatment update: Prostate, breast cancer breakthroughs recently discovered by experts

Robin Li is Baidu's CEO.
Baidu Faces Controversy Over Death of Cancer Victim; Family to Sue

A young cancer patient. A new research by Chinese scientists could potentially provide a cure for such and other diseases.
Chinese Scientists Uncover Potential Cure for Cancer, HIV, Hepa B

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Chinese internet giant Baidu is offering emerging Chinese developers a chance to expand their reach to the global market.
Baidu Ordered to Change Search Ranking of Medical Ads Following Death of Cancer Patient

The No 2 Hospital of the Beijing Armed Police Corps being guarded by the police for outsourcing medical care.
Unqualified Barefoot Doctors Become Medical Giants Across China

Wearing a face mask in China seems to be no longer an option but a must. Dr. Gonzalez said in an interview that pollution “drains nutrients” and can be a contributing factor to cancer.
Cancer Cure? Enzymes Help T Cells Kill Tumor Cells

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter
Cancer Breakthrough Drug: New Treatment Supercharges Body’s Immune System To Fight Cancer

Vitamin C Fruits and Vegetables
Cancer Breakthrough: High Vitamin C Doses Could Pulverize Cancer Cells: Study

pharmaceutical drugs and capsules
Cancer Doctors Oppose Sky-High Costs Of Meds, Pharma Companies’ Greed

UK NHS logo
UK's NHS Wants To Double Cancer Tests, Rescue 30,000 Lives Yearly

It has been found that avocados could be an effective cancer treatment, research says.
Avocados Can Be A Promising Cancer Treatment: Research

aspirin pills
Taking Aspirin Daily Slows Breast Cancer Growth By Nearly 50%: Study

brain tumor
Cancer Cure Update: Protein Disrupts Brain Tumor Stem Cells, Stops Spread Of Disease

James Boysen
Texas Man Receives World’s First Skull-Scalp Transplant, Fixes Cancer Treatment Damage

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