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A new study suggests that chemicals in e-liquids carry cancer-causing chemicals.
Berkeley Labs claims that cancer-causing chemicals coming from e-liquids

Study Confirms e-Cigarettes as Dangerous as Regular Cigarettes; Finds Source of Toxicity

Study revealed that booze is a direct cause of some types of cancer.
Study reveals link between alcohol consumption and 7 types of cancer

Cancer accounts for 27.4 percent of deaths in China.
Cancer Causes Most Premature Deaths in Beijing

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Scientists said that coffee does not cause cancer, unlike previously thought, but drinking it very hot might be another case.
Beware: Drinking Hot Beverages May Cause Cancer, Study Says

Drugs in China continue to increase in number, while CFDA loses more staff to regulate them.
Drugs Regulator CFDA Loses Senior Staff to Companies That Offer Big Paychecks

China bans the clinical use of immunotherapy for cancer treatment.
Clinical Use of Disputed Immunotherapy for Cancer Is Banned: China’s Top Health Authority

Death of Student with Cancer Leads to Baidu Investigation

Metformin, the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes, may be the next great innovation in Cancer treatments.
Metformin: This common trype 2 diabetes medicine can be the next big thing in cancer treatment [STUDY]

Dorian Murray with Parents
8-Year-Old American Boy with Cancer Who Requested for Great Wall of China Photo Passes Away

Seen here are Rory Feek along with his toddler daughter. Rory founded a duo with his wife Rory Feek called Joey+Rory and released several hits including
Country singer Joey Feek funeral details revealed; Rory Feek returns home with daughter

A lab worker inspects a white rat which has tumors and is used for cancer gene therapy research.
Research Shows Chinese Dietary Pattern Increases Cancer Risk Due to Dioxin

Angela Raiola, better known as Big Ang, is seen here with her sixth grandchild, Anjolie Scotto. The star died due to lung cancer on Feb. 18, Thursday.
What killed 'Mob Wives' star Angela 'Big Ang' Raiola?

There is an estimated 315 million smokers in China.
China Urged to Tackle Cancer in Light of World Cancer Day

China bans the clinical use of immunotherapy for cancer treatment.
China’s Cancer Problem Growing, Deaths More Frequent

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