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Breastfeeding reduces risks of breast cancer
Breastfeeding Cuts Risks of Breast Cancer Recurrence

Cancer can be Predicted 15 Years Before its Occurence with a Simple Blood Test

Pharmaceutical tablets and capsules
Taking Too Many Dietary Supplements May Raise Risk Of Heart Disease And Cancer

Obese Black Men Are More Prone to Prostate Cancer Than Whites

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Calvin Harris Begs Taylor Swift Not To Write A Song About Him, Seen Driving Out Of Swift's Home: Report

Immune cell therapy may provide alternatives to chemotherapy as a way of treating cancer.
Scientists In Israel Develop Low-Cost Breath Test That Detects Stomach Cancer

Singer Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift Slammed Over Her Cancer Advice

Taylor and Andrea Swift
Taylor Swift's Fans Start #PrayForMamaSwift On Twitter To Show Support For Swift's Family

Alaska Airlines jet
Alaska Airlines Kicks Off ‘Weak’ California Woman With Cancer; ‘No Note To Fly' From Flight

Angelina Jolie
‘Maleficent’ Star Angelina Jolie: Kids, Don’t Fit In, Different Is Good

Starbucks Coffee
Your Starbucks Coffee Obsession Can Actually Cut Liver Cancer Risk Caused By Alcohol

Advanced Breast Cancer May Be More Likely In Women With Diabetes: Canadian Study

Kelly Osbourne is a popular TV presenter and fashion critic.
Kelly Osbourne Has Cancer Gene Like Angelina Jolie; 'Fashion Police' Former Co-Host Plans To Get Surgery Soon

World Health Organization
WHO Links Popular Herbicide With Cancer

Alberta Watson
'La Femme Nikita, '24' Star Alberta Watson Dies Of Cancer At 60

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