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Capital Ouflows
China’s Treasury Holdings Increase in February: US Treasury Data

Chinese currency
Restricted Sectors for Investment to Be Specified in China’s Rules on Outbound Investment

A man lifts a boy up in the air in a pool at the Club Med resort in Sanya, which was bought by Fosun in 2015.
China’s Fosun to Raise Funds for Tourism Unit’s Overseas Expansion

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) by foreign companies in China have featured such a pattern of changing from one slow-growing industry to an unfamiliar one that nonetheless promises rapid growth.
From Food to Cloud Computing? Chinese Companies Change Sectors to Escape Slow Growth

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Chinese yuan
China Implements Stricter Regulations on Nationals’ Foreign Accounts

Curbing outflows stands as a practical move to keep the yuan stable, what with the crash threatened by the Aug. 2015 conundrum.
Investing in China: Capital Outflow Restrictions a Bane to Foreign Investment?

Pedestrians walk past a large screen showing financial data in Shanghai, on Jan. 4, 2017.
China’s Stimulus Measures Boost Growth but Were Not Sustainable: Fitch Report

A bank staff shows the 100 yuan bill with new counterfeit features.
Yuan Depreciation: China Moves to Check Yuan Plunge Driven by Chinese Firms’ Dollar Debts

The government may impose restriction on the use of UnionPay cards to pay offshore insurance products, in a bid to curb capital outflows.
China Mulls Imposing Limits on Offshore Insurance Purchases

Reforms in foreign exchange policies have helped narrow the gap between onshore and offshore prices of the renminbi.
PBOC Reforms Credited for Narrowing Gap in Renminbi's Onshore, Offshore Prices

China's central bank has recently trimmed down rates yet again.
China’s Central Bank Lowers Benchmark Deposits, Lending Rate to Ease Debt Burden, Curb Risks

More Chinese are now buying luxury items online.
Wealthy Chinese Scramble to Move Money Offshore After PBOC Devaluation

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